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Whether you’re a New York area local or a far-flung Lego lover, visiting Legoland New York should definitely be on your summer checklist. It’s a great one or two-day alternative to pricier all-inclusive family resorts in international locations and a budget-friendly weekend alternative to Disney.

But there’s plenty to know before you go, which is why we wrote this helpful Legoland New York review.

Where is the Legoland New York theme park and resort?

Legoland New York is located in Goshen, an adorable little town about 90 minutes north of New York City and roughly an hour south of Albany. If you’re looking to make a longer adventure out of your Legoland stay, consider booking some time nearby Catskills hamlets like Woodstock, Hunter or New Paltz.

Or, just stay in the on-site Legoland Hotel (it’s as cute as you imagine it might be) or venture around the town of Goshen. The choice is yours.

While summer is certainly the most popular season to visit, our friends have visited in both the fall and spring seasons and reported having “wonderful” times thanks to the Hudson Valley’s relatively temperate climate.

Our Legoland New York Review 2023

We headed to Legoland with four of our kids in June on a typically hot, overcast New York summer day. It was muggy, but that didn’t stop the kids from trying (and riding!) just about everything Legoland had to offer. They had a blast visiting the main part of the park, the newly-opened water park and teeny-tiny, very realistic Lego cities positioned near the exit of the park.

Overall, we found that our four-year-old, six-year-old and nine-year-old children enjoyed the park the most. Truly, they’re just the right age for the rides there and are still very much in the Lego-loving-and-building stage of life. I mean, our floors are littered with Legos at home—so a whole theme park? Pssh. Heaven for them.

I loved that it only took an hour or so to drive to, gave them something to look forward to for two straight weeks leading up to the big day and helped me clock in my daily 10,000 steps goal. Get ready to walk a lot. I mean really, a lot—the park has loads of winding paths and you may end up going back to favorite rides.

Wear comfortable shoes to meander around all the themed lands.

As you might expect, every ride in the park has a major Lego-themed twist. Whether you’re diehard brick builders or just looking for a few fun rides, the park delivers—especially if you’re between about three and nine years old. Many of the rides aren’t suited for toddlers or babies younger than about three, and older teens and adults might find a good portion of the attractions a bit too juvenile.

We loved the Lego Ninjago ride (an air-conditioned, indoor option) for our kids ranging from four years old all the way through middle school. To be frank, my husband and I got a kick out of it too. There are also a handful of small and medium rollercoaster options, go-karts shaped like Lego cars and plenty of rides that look like they were plucked right out of a local carnival and spruced up with adorable Lego accouterment.

Soft drinks, juice, water, milk, pretzels, icy slurpee-like drinks and ice cream are plentiful throughout the park. Hearty sit-down meals are far less plentiful though, and if you have strict dietary needs, the food may fall short of what you’re looking for.

Come with a full belly, have an ice cream or drink along the way, and then go for dinner somewhere in the surrounding Orange or Ulster Counties. Just about everything you can imagine is within a short drive.

Parking is plentiful, even on a warm summer day. That’s definitely positive! But you should know that it’s not included in the cost of admission. Carpool if you can, because each car costs roughly $30 per day to park near-ish the Legoland entrance. If you’re coming with an umbrella stroller, car seat stroller combo or wheelchair, we’re happy to report the parking lot is paved and easy to navigate.

Tickets for visitors ages three and older run about $80+ each for the day (sometimes more depending on the date and season). Babies and toddlers ages two and under go free.

It definitely pays to book in advance though (we suggest clicking here for the best rates) because tickets at the date are often significantly more expensive. If you’re comparing it to Disney, Legoland New York is definitely way cheaper to visit and ideal for families with young kids simply unable to walk as much as Disney demands. And, if you live in the New York metro area, it’s a fun day trip instead of a whole vacation.

What to know about the Legoland New York water park

The water park is pretty new—literally just weeks old, and a perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. It has rides for both little kids and big kids (and adults that act like big kids), but several of the water attractions actually require advanced reservations. It’s important to make those reservations before you get to the park if you want access to all the features.

If you fail to make reservations for all the water park features, that’s okay—there are several rides that don’t require any pre-planning. If you’re just there for the water park though, know that it’s relatively small in comparison to the rest of the theme park and probably won’t be nearly enough to fill a whole day.

It is, however, the perfect way to cap off a long, hot day riding roller coasters, eating ice cream and basking in all the Lego-themed glory. Our nine-year-old son insisted on riding a pirate-themed Legoland water park ride about a zillion times if that’s any indicator of the park’s overall success with kids.

Other important things to note:

When did Legoland New York open?

Legoland New York opened in the summer of 2021, so the park is still very new.

When did the Legoland New York water park open?

The Legoland water park opened as an add-on to the already-popular Goshen location in the summer of 2023. That means it’s still brand new and totally clean, accessible and under-the-radar. If you live in the area with young children, visiting just for the water park on a hot day is a brilliant idea when the beach is just too far away.

Is Legoland New York good for babies?

Legoland is an absolute dream for walking-age toddlers and beyond, but baby siblings and little ones can certainly have a fun-filled day. We love the stroller-friendly paths and walkways as well as the handful of rides designed to accommodate the littlest Lego lovers.

Is Legoland New York good for big kids and teenagers?

Yes! If your big kid or teen is into Legos or just loves the nostalgia effect, Legoland New York is a wonderful day adventure. Older teens can make the most of the park with friends, too.

We loved it as a day trip! If you have young children or other Lego enthusiasts in your home, it’s definitely worth the experience and a walk down Brick Street.

How to book Legoland New York tickets

If you found our Legoland New York review helpful (and we hope you did!), consider booking your tickets at least a few days in advance through the link below. In the event your preferred date is rainy, cold or you’re just not feeling it—you have up to 90 days to use your tickets. Pretty cool, right?

Adult park tickets start at about $84 with all taxes and fees included. Keep in mind that parking on-site runs about $30 per day. And definitely bring extra dough for all the gift shop goodies your kids will beg you for.

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