Best Deodorant for Kids 2023

When looking for the best deodorant for kids, Dr. Leah M. Alexander, MD, pediatrician and consultant for Mom Loves Best says parents should be aware that children’s skin is more sensitive than that of adults.

“To prevent local skin reactions, choosing an unscented deodorant or one with less added fragrance is often better,” says Alexander. “The higher up on the list of ingredients, the more fragrance has been added to the deodorant product.”

Alexander also noted that age has no real bearing on when it’s appropriate and says when your child, “begins to have an axillary odor that is no longer managed with a daily bathing routine.” That’s a clear indicator it’s time for deodorant.

“In most cases, odor develops when early signs of puberty are present, which coincides with some amount of apocrine gland activity,” Alexander says. “The timing of normal puberty ranges from ages eight to 10 in girls and 10 to 12 in boys. However, some prepubertal children develop an axillary odor, and the use of deodorant is also warranted to prevent bullying or social isolation.”

However, puberty can begin early—she’s seen it as early as four—and in those cases, Alexander suggests having them evaluated by their pediatrician or an endocrinologist.

Another thing to look out for is whether the deodorant contains aluminum. Though it reduces sweating, Alexander says most prepubescent kids can typically get away with aluminum-free or natural deodorants. Older kids sweat more and often desperately need odor control, so they can tolerate aluminum-based deodorants and antiperspirants—just be sure to research which is best for your child.

“In the past, there was concern that aluminum could cause breast cancer or have other adverse effects,” Alexander says. “However, recent research studies have failed to find an association between skin application of aluminum-containing deodorants and cancer. It has also been shown that little to no aluminum is absorbed into the skin.”

As far as what type is best, Alexander says it’s a personal preference adding, “I would, however, be concerned about using a spray deodorant in younger children due to the potential inhalation of aerosols that could irritate the lungs.”

Best deodorant for kids 2023

Best overall

Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Stick

dove 0% aluminum deodorant stick, best deodorant for kids Merchant

There’s a reason we chose this Dove solid stick as the best kids deodorant. It may not be directly solely at kids or preteens, but the aluminum, alcohol, and baking soda-free formula helps reduce skin irritation without sacrificing odor protection. Infused with cucumber and green tea fragrance, teensl enjoy 48 hours of stinkless confidence all while the moisturizing formula comforts skin.

It’s our top pick thanks to it’s budget-friendly pricing, mess-free delivery system and adult-feeling packaging that makes tweens and teens feel mature. We also love the coconut oil additives that keep bacterial growth around sweat glands at bay while hydrating delicate skin.


  • Aluminum, baking soda and alcohol-free
  • Ultra moisturizing
  • Easy to swipe on
  • 48 hours of protection without irritation
  • Light, fresh scent


  • May need to be reapplied throughout the day to maintain freshness

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