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Believe it or not, we’re obsessed with this vertical tufted headboard from Walmart. For about $125, you get an expensive-looking (and feeling!) tufted headboard that’s easy to clean and even easier to install and beats wall-mounted headboard options by a mile.

We love the lengthening vertical panels that add dimension to rooms with low ceilings. It comes in two colors and is made of a polyester blend that can be wiped down and spot-cleaned with ease. Here’s how to clean blood and pee off a bed.


How much does a tufted headboard cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to several thousand for a kid-friendly, stain-resistant headboard. Some models cost far more, but we found some of the best interior designer-approved upholstered headboards at prices that won’t break the bank. Our list focuses primarily on affordable, easy-to-clean styles but we did throw our favorite luxe option because it comes with side rails and other features that budget-friendly options just don’t offer.

How we chose our favorite tufted headboard picks

We looked at overall price value, customer ratings, ease of shipping and setup and the materials used. Most importantly, we considered how family-friendly each tufted headboard was and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. We chose models in a variety of sizes ranging from twin to California king (and everything in between) so you can add flair to every bedroom.


Are tufted headboards in style?

Absolutely! Tufted headboards have made a major comeback in the last 18 months or so, eclipsing plainer headboard options. Added detail is everything in 2023, and gorgeous upholstery helps set the stage. We think these gorgeous beds have the legs to last for several stylish years.

If you opt for a bold, trendy color it may be a more temporary pick, though. That’s why we focused heavily on neutral color schemes that are sure to make a splash this year, and likely 10 years from now as well. Your bedroom furniture is an investment.

How to clean a tufted headboard

Cleaning a tufted headboard depends on the materials. The tufted headboards we suggested above are all made of polyblends and natural fabrics that respond well to a big of spot cleaning. For dusty headboards, simply take a lightly dampened rag and run it around the surfaces. You’ll want to give extra attention to the top edge of the headboard. This is where the most dust tends to collect.

For upholstered headboards that have stains, you can try a number of techniques to clean them. We suggest:

  • Spot stain-removing spray and then dabbing the surface dry. Then follow with a bit of water and continue to dab till all liquid is removed.
  • If your tufted headboard is made of a durable polyester fabric or another poly blend, it may be able to withstand a gentle Magic Eraser cleaning. Make sure you pat lightly rinse it with water and pat dry.

No matter what, you should never fully immerse your headboard in water or wet the entire thing. Most headboards have hardwood frames below the upholstery that can warp or mold if they get too wet.

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