9 expertly picked birthday gifts for kids

RSVP’d oui to a birthday party? Finding a gift is a piece of cake with these expertly-picked options from Mastermind Toys.

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Even as a parent, selecting the right gift for your kid can be tough, let alone buying something special for a relative or school friend. But the journey from store to recipient doesn’t need to be stressful. Choosing quality toys that are educational and fun is Mastermind Toys’ specialty. The beloved Canadian toy shop has everything you need online and in-store, including gift-wrapping, because why wrap when they can do it for you? To help you get started, we tapped the experts to select birthday gift ideas in a variety of price points for kids aged two to 10. Start shopping!


Mastermind Toys Sporter 125mm Scooter Blue w/ Light Up Wheels

Lucky birthday recipients can zoom in style with this flashy—as in actual LED light-up wheels—quick-fold scooter, which also comes in pink. Its unique design means it’s kid-powered, but there’s no fancy footwork required. Instead, riders can create momentum by shifting their weight from side to side. Parents, don’t fret! There’s a handbrake!

Mastermind Toys Sporter 125mm Scooter Blue w/ Light Up Wheels, $100, mastermindtoys.com


Wooden Play Kitchen

KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen

Ding, ding! Dinner’s ready! Here’s a wooden playset that allows burgeoning chefs to chop food, click knobs, pull down a gooseneck faucet, turn on “burners” and whip up culinary masterpieces. Built to last, the set is brimming with hands-on learning and imaginative play potential with a side serving of Instagram-worthy aesthetic. In fact, this kitchen might just be nicer than yours.

KidKraft Let’s Cook Wooden Play Kitchen, $200, mastermindtoys.com 


Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 32 Pack

If you’re new to the world of Magna-Tiles, allow us to describe them for you. Colourful, translucent tiles click together courtesy of a magnetic rim. The result is hours of creative fun with some sneaky math and science thrown into the mix. This is a 32-piece set that includes right triangles, equilateral triangles, isosceles triangles plus large and small squares. While kids as young as three can play with Magna-Tiles, rest assured that big builders love them, too.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 32 Pack, $75, mastermindtoys.com

Mastermind Toys Easel

Mastermind Toys Easel w/ Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard

Art has to start somewhere. Allow budding artists to bloom at this wooden easel. Double-sided for double the fun, one surface is a chalkboard while the other is a magnetic whiteboard that’s ideal for securing rolls of art paper. The adjustable stand includes a roll of said art paper, no-spill paint cups and a catch tray for those inevitable drippings.

Mastermind Toys Easel w/ Chalkboard and Magnetic Whiteboard, $130, mastermindtoys.com


Globber Primo Foldable Lights Navy Blue

Scoot in style and accolades with Globber’s award-winning, foldable scoot. Longevity is important when choosing gifts, which is part of what makes this adjustable T-bar, grow-with-your-tot ride so sweet. With the agility to fold in half with a single button press, it’s outfitted with an integrated rear brake and an anti-slip-clad, extra-wide deck for added safety. The other part that’s pretty sweet? Those light-up wheels.

Globber Primo Foldable Lights Navy Blue, $110, mastermindtoys.com


Squishmallow 12″ Fox Astronaut

Seeking a soft friend who’s out of this world? Look no further than the Squishmallow aisle. Each member of the collectable squishy squad is cute and ultra snuggable. This fox, in particular, is suited up and ready to hit the stars. Bonus tip: these make great birthday gifts for pets, too!

Squishmallow 12″ Fox Astronaut, $30, mastermindtoys.com


Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Blue  

Seeing is truly believing with this one. The feature of many a TikTok video, this boil, bubble, not-so-much-trouble cauldron asks young sorcerers to add in provided magic ingredients and tap their wand. At the end of the spell, a furry friend with over 50 reactions and sounds will appear from the mist. But the fun isn’t over. Tap the new friend’s gem to make a wish.  

Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Blue, $110, mastermindtoys.com



Monster Jam Megalodon STORM

Wait, is that a sharp-toothed shark or is that a giant, dirt-disturbing truck? It’s both! Ready to take over water and land, the Megalodon STORM is a replica of the real Monster Jam beast. Remote-controlled, drivers can challenge their 360-degree wheels to any terrain from snow to rock to dirt, and yes, water. Puddles better watch out.

Monster Jam Megalodon STORM, $73, mastermindtoys.com 

LEGO City Lunar Space

LEGO City Lunar Space Station 60349 Building Kit (500 Pieces)

LEGO swings and never misses. This iteration is an otherworldly Lunar Space Station inspired by real NASA spacecraft and equipment. Ringing in at 500 pieces, the set includes five astronaut minifigures who can explore deep space using their botany and science labs, satellites and docking capsule. Houston, things are looking bright. 

LEGO City Lunar Space Station 60349 Building Kit (500 Pieces), $100, mastermindtoys.com

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