We tested 5 of the biggest TikTok beauty trends—here’s what we thought

We tried the good, the bad and the downright strange so you don’t have to squander your baby’s nap time figuring out what’s worth the effort.

If you haven’t become consumed by TikTok videos, congratulations—but also, you’re missing out. Beauty TikTok, specifically, is populated with makeup artists and influencers hawking products and sharing genius (and sometimes questionable) tricks. We waded through bathrobe braids, burnt-almond eyeliners and clumpy mascaras to help you spend your five precious minutes of morning me-time wisely, with our honest opinion on some of the buzziest TikTok products.

1. Taped Eyeliner Wings: Try It!

@kat_longoria #eyeliner ♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

Now, we would argue that the old tape-and-eyeliner trick has been making the rounds long before TikTok, but it’s resurfaced with a bit of a new spin: Use medical tape or a fabric bandage cut into long, thin strips and wrap it around your face. We’ll say it again: Centre the tape under your nose and wrap the ends up to the corner of your eyes. Add two more small pieces of tape around your eyes to form a point. Make it extra sharp so it will terrify both you and your baby. Dip your fingers in black eyeshadow and dab over the tape stencil. Peel away to reveal sharp-as-hell wingtips. It does work, but it’s a lot of effort—and, really, is perfecting the cat-eye a priority? TL;DR—try it for fun, not as a miracle fix.

2. Madluvv Brows Eyebrow Stamp Kit: Try It!

@madluvv Living the life with easy #brows on-the-go 🙌🏽 #browstamp #madluvvbrows #madluvv #makeuphacks #fypシ #beautytips ♬ Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) – T.I.

If you over-plucked in the early aughts and haven’t made the leap to microblading, give these stencils a try. The waterproof and sweat-resistant formula comes in a kit ($49, madluvv.com) with five stencils, a brow stamp, a spoolie brush and zipped pouch. Find your preferred stencil shape, press down and quickly bingo-dab your brows on. We were skeptical, but honestly, a brow pencil could never. Since it’s waterproof, cleaning it off is a commitment. But we see your slightly smudged two-day brows as working smart, not hard.

3. Bathrobe Curls: Maybe?

@bacardibri123 This is cringeworthy but 10/10 would recommend #fyp #foryou #DecadesofHair #coronavirus ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

Since you’re already in a bathrobe 24/7, this trend might be tempting. But Gen Z ignited this bouncy, heatless curl trend, and these same Gen Z TikTokers don’t have a nursing, sleep-striking infant. And if you can’t French braid, don’t even try it. If you can French braid and somehow have a moment of peace in the evening—along with two free hands—this is how it works: Place the tie from your robe over your head and weave it into two braids. Awkwardly sleep on it and reveal an effortless flounce that’s just begging for a spritz of spit-up.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Temporary Face Tightener: Skip It!

@trinidad1967♬ original sound – user3761092853451

Maybe you saw this one—the video got over 31 million views for what seemed like sorcery. A 54-year-old TikTok user demoed the PTR eye cream ($63, sephora.ca) on one side of her face and the results were undeniable. As it soaked into her skin, the bags tightened and shrunk. But here’s the thing: As it dries, it leaves a noticeable white cast and parches the skin so that when you smile, you crinkle. Badly. Oh, and the results aren’t as good if you put makeup over it.

5. Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara: Try It!

@jessica.eid_ love this mascara @maybelline #skyhighmascara #maybellinepartner #ad #hair #fy #maybelline #lashes ♬ original sound – Jess

During your precious escape to the drugstore, venture away from the diaper aisle to find this viral mascara. It’s an easy yes because of its affordability (priced between $10 and $14) and the sky-scraping lengths it achieves with a couple of swipes, even if you’re working with stubs. Just make sure you don’t grab the waterproof kind—that formula is clumpy and creates raccoon eyes that accentuate your under-eye circles after you finally get that shower you’ve been waiting for. Plus, good news, it’s no longer sold out. Sometimes it pays to buy into the hype a little late.

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