Property Brothers release new animated series

Property Brothers Release New Animated Series

Source: Builder Brothers Dream Factory

Drew and Jonathan Scott have taken their love of home renovation and design and turned it into a cutting-edge animated series for aspiring little builders. The show, called Builder Brothers Dream Factory, follows the adventures of a pair of regular kids—the Scott boys—who use their extraordinary imagination, creativity, grit, and heart to help their friends and solve problems in their neighborhood. Here’s hoping they can even solve some of the toughest morning routine challenges!

With the help of their best friends, Mel and Ayana, the brothers tackle big dreams and navigate the highs and lows of making their world a better place. Builder Brothers Dream Factory will make its world premiere on Sunday, March 26 at 9:40 a.m. ET on Treehouse, and will be available for streaming live and on-demand on STACKTV.

Catching up with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott

We recently caught up with the Property Brothers while they were filming in Vancouver. Jonathan joked about their busy schedule, “Do we look tired? Yeah, we’ve got like 20 projects on the go right now. Renovations, demolition, all fun.”

Drew Scott and his wife Linda welcomed their son Parker last year, and are and he shared that becoming a parent has opened him up to a whole new part of life. While they’re out of the newborn ‘awake-all-night’ phase, he says Parker does still get up once or twice each night but it’s ‘not bad’.

“It’s exciting. it’s exhausting,” says Drew. “Parker is right on the edge of walking. Yesterday he stood for about two and a half seconds without holding on to something. So any moment now, he’s going to start running around the house.”

The inspiration behind Builder Brothers

Amidst all this action, the brothers turned their childhood memories into a dynamic new show for preschoolers. As kids, they were always up to something creative and fun, and that inventive, mischievous spirit comes across in the animated series.

“The episodes are all spun from real memories and real situations that we had,” said Drew. Jonathan added, “We were these little movers and shakers in our community. All our friends at our school would come to us to solve a problem.” 

When asked what their favourite episode is, they both quickly agreed. “It’s got to be the Mother’s Day episode where we’re trying to entertain and throw a party, but then it gets out of control, as per usual,” says Jonathan. “I distinctly remember we would try and make a meal to celebrate our mom, but we didn’t know how to cook anything,” he adds.

Educational content kids will love

“We wanted to make sure that Builder Brothers Dream factory was educational,” says Drew. “There’s a lot that kids can get out of this. I hope at the end of the day, they just feel charged and inspired.” 

Jonathan, who has been dating actress Zooey Deschanel since 2019, and co-parents her two kids, shared what they thought of the show. “Elsie and Charlie have only watched little clips. They haven’t seen an entire episode, but they love it. They keep asking for more.”

Jonathan adds “Kids are kinesthetic. They want to build. They want to touch, they want to be creative. That’s why I think this show is going to inspire a whole new generation.”

We can’t wait to see how the adventures unfold on Builder Brothers Dream Factory. Be sure to check out the first episode this coming Sunday, March 26th at 9:40 am on ET on Treehouse, or stream live or on-demand on STACKTV.

The Series is Distributed Globally by Nelvana and Co-produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment and Scott Brothers Entertainment.

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