Prince Louis can’t stop waving in this Trooping the Colour carriage video

Princess Charlotte tried to make her brother take a break but Prince Louis was fully committed to his wave. Watch the kids on their first-ever Trooping the Colour carriage ride.

The Royal Family is pulling out all the stops for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and this means some royal firsts for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Prince William and Kate’s adorable trio hopped into the first carriage in the annual Trooping the Colour procession, where they rode with their mom and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall during the Queen’s birthday celebrations. And Prince Louis just could not stop waving excitedly!

The trio sat in a sweet row on their first ride, with Prince Louis sandwiched between his older siblings. The four-year-old, who has long been an enthusiastic waver, was keenly greeting crowds of fans lining the procession when his sister took his hand and tried to place it on his lap. But as People noticed, Louis just wouldn’t be tamed, and his arm shot back up for some more waving. We can’t with the cuteness.

Eight-year-old George, who took a more chilled approach, looked all grown up in his navy suit and blue tie, while his sister Charlotte, 7, had her hair half up in braids and wore a pretty blue dress with fluttery sleeves. Kate raided the royal archive for Louis’ old timey ensemble, a blue-and-white sailor suit that William wore when he was a little boy.

The only accessory that was missing was a few pairs of sunnies—the siblings were definitely squinting from the sun (though we’re sure they wouldn’t have been appropriate. Sigh.) And props to Kate for wearing all-white Alexander McQueen and not worrying about grubby little fingers dirtying it up. I’m not sure I’ve worn a single white item in the five years since my kids were born.

prince louis waving during trooping the colour

Prince Louis was always a big waver, even back in 2019 at his first Trooping the Colour. Photo: Getty Images

Prince William was almost five when he took his first Trooping the Colour carriage ride, adorably hopping over to his mom’s side of the carriage for a better view, and Prince Harry was also four during his debut. But the Cambridge kids are regulars at the festivities, showing off their big personalities every year from the Buckingham Palace balcony, where they always watch the annual Royal Air Force flypast.

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