Outfit the Whole Family for Less This Summer

Summer is the only season in Canada when expert-level layering isn’t a required skill. Celebrate the season by treating yourself to some trendy, hot-weather must-haves—and maybe buy a little something for the kids, too. Giant Tiger makes it easy to get everything you need for your family, from your new favourite sundress, classic cargo shorts for him and fun pool floaties to groceries for your next barbecue.

Nothing feels better than slipping on a sundress and sandals and calling it an outfit. Graphic necklines and cut-outs are trending so these black-and-white options are easy choices.

The seersucker shirt and ripstop cargo shorts

Seersucker is a summer classic. Lightweight and stylish, it looks polished with his jeans, khakis and go-to pair of cargo shorts. This year, those cargos get an update with a slim profile and durable ripstop fabric, making them perfect for both hot-weather hikes and summer date nights.

The resort shirt and cargo shorts

Make every day feel like a vacation in this tropical-inspired button-up. Paired with classic cargo shorts, this is the outfit for laid-back outdoor dinners, day trips and taking the kids to the splash pad.

The bathing suit (from left to right)

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