Our Favorite Amazon Shacket is On Sale Today

We know, we know—you’re probably more focused on your newborn checklist and the best baby registries, but in between shopping for baby and regular life, YOU deserve a little something. Right? Right.

And our favorite bestselling Amazon shacket is on sale right now. If that’s not a sign from the universe that you need this plaid flannel, we don’t know what is.

Get your wallet ready—it’s priced well below $40.

What we love about the Automet shacket

With over 8,000 ratings and a nearly perfect 4.4-star average rating, the Automet shacket is Amazon’s bestselling flannel-style top layer. It comes in over a dozen color variations to suit every style and taste and features a cozy oversized fit that pairs well with just about everything. Oh, and it’s machine washable with any laundry detergent you wish—that alone makes it the best shacket ever.

The best part? It comes in sizes XS through XXL to fit a variety of body types and shapes. Shoppers love the soft, fuzzy fabric that’s somewhere between the density of a flannel and a light jacket. It’s perfect for transitional season wearing. You know, like March, April and May. Button closures make it easy to wear and style.

For pregnant moms, it can easily be worn open as a layering piece over maternity tanks, dresses and tops. For nursing moms, it’s a dream of a piece to put over nursing tops—the loose, baggy fit means baby neatly cocoons beneath the long sleeve design.

The best Automet shacket reviews

April Campbell, a verified Amazon purchaser writes, “I have been seeing this shacket all over TikTok and it did not disappoint. It’s so soft and comfortable. It’s the perfectly oversized piece.”

This jacket is perfect for the colder seasons! It goes well with everything super comfortable and so warm,” says five-star reviewer, Maria O’Malley. “I love that there are so many different colors and variations. Plus, a little boutique right up the road from me is selling the same exact jacket for over $85 so I feel like it’s a steal!”

Where to score the Automet shacket deal

You’ll have to head to Amazon today where the Automet shirt jacket is currently marked down below $37. That’s a 26% discount from it’s usual $50 price tag, and you’ll want to hurry up—the best colors and most popular sizes are bound to sell out fast. And while you’re there, take advantage of the free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box.

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