Free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

After signing up for a registry, how do I get a free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box?

Signing up for the free registry is easy enough, but accessing the Amazon Baby Registry welcome box takes a few more steps. And yes—you want it. It’s loaded with at least $35 worth of stuff. Samples of diapers and wipes are typically included, offering new parents an easy way to test the quality of baby items they might normally spend major cash on.

Step-by-step instructions to get your free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box:

Have an active Amazon Prime membership

If you’re already a Prime member, it shouldn’t take you more than a minute or two to sign up for this brilliant registry. You’ll need to fill in a few particulars like your due date, where you want your gifts shipped to and sharing settings. Then you’re well on your way to oodles of free baby samples.

Check off most of your list

To get the free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box, you need to check off at least 60 percent of your list. So let’s say you add 100 items to your registry, 60 items need to get checked off. Worried about meeting this threshold? Make a tighter, more specific list of just 20 or 30 items. It’ll be easy-peasy, then.

You need to make sure at least $10 in registry items are purchased and shipped to meet the free welcome box hurdle. That doesn’t mean you need to spend $10 or more—it’s a registry, after all! That means your friends and colleagues can check these wishlist items off for you.

Heck, if you already have older kids you can even add a kids’ mattress and toddler bike helmets to the list and get those checked off. Your box includes mostly newborn items and things for mom, but there’s no reason your registry can’t span a broader timeframe.

Use the “claim now” button

The “claim now” button should appear on your “Benefits and Welcome Box” shortly after you’ve finished the above steps. Clicking the button adds the welcome box to your cart. Just remember—when you check out, make sure to select the box next to “use your $35.00 Promotional balance.”

If you don’t, you’ll likely get charged for the otherwise free sample box. Only customers in the continental U.S. can receive the box, but if you’re in looking for more free stuff, this guide to free baby stuff in Canada is a good start.

What’s inside the free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box?

Good question. Amazon keeps the box details a secret because they change frequently, but one thrilled Instagram user recently reported that she got the following:

These free baby boxes are a great way to try new baby brands you might have your eye on or have never even heard of before. Either way, raising a kid is expensive and every penny counts!

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