Do your boobs hang low? Not in this swimsuit

Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Probably if you breastfed. And if loaded up your plate with the best lactation cookies to nurse more than one kid? Psssh. We’d bet our milk money that your boobs look like ours—sandbags.

But don’t worry, help is on the way. More specifically, it’s this completely absurd (and wildly wonderful) Amazon bathing suit that appears to have two human-ish hands cupping where boobs might go. Ya know, for support.

The designer Adriana Degreas one-piece, which retails for $460 USD (hey, all that support isn’t cheap), comes in a chic golden Spandex blend that’s ideal for flattering even the most down-trodden teats. And, while we’re genuinely unsure of why the Brazilian designer opted for such a handsy design, we’re just grateful someone is finally thinking of the girls.

Aside from the suit costing as much as our monthly Toyota payment, we did uncover a few other minor issues in our pursuit of shopping journalism.

We obviously wanted to do a full, in-depth review of the suit, but size limitations and reasonable spending prevented us. Boo. It’s the hands-on helper we really never saw coming, and wow—#blessed.

For now though, we’ll have to stick to our more reasonably-priced (and sized) list of the best nursing swimsuits.

In the event that you are a size small and find yourself humming the do your boobs hang low tune all day, please buy this suit, take an absurd amount of photos and share them with us. Really.

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