Best Toddler Halloween Costumes 2023

When looking for toddler Halloween costumes, you’ll first and foremost want to consider sizing. Toddler sizing can run anywhere from 18M to 4T. Read costume descriptions carefully to make sure you are picking one that is in the right size range.

Make sure your child is comfortable and can walk, run, jump or do whatever it is they might want to do in their costume. While costumes like a bunch of grapes made from pinned balloons are funny and clever, they might hinder your toddler’s ability to enjoy Halloween.

Finally, consider costumes for toddlers that fit in an umbrella stroller, wagon or other similar piece of gear. Even if you have an older toddler, they may get tired from all the walking and excitement, so you’ll most likely bring a stroller along with you. Make sure the costume fits comfortably in it—accounting for straps as well. (The same goes for driving—make sure your costume fits in your toddler car seat.)

Our favorite toddler Halloween costumes 2023

Hooded Romper Jumpsuit

TONWHAR Kids' And Toddlers' Hooded Romper Jumpsuit, best toddler halloween costumes Merchant

This adorable zip-up elephant zip-up onesie is unisex and comes in sizes from newborn to four and a half years, making it a flexible option. It features a cartoonish elephant face on the hood and a little tail. If you aren’t into the elephant style, it also comes in additional animals, like a dinosaur, bunny, tiger and more.

Astronaut Costume

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Costume, best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

Houston, we have an adorable option for Halloween. Melissa & Doug has a one-size-fits-most toddlers astronaut costume, perfect for everyday dress up and Halloween. It comes with a jumpsuit, gloves, a helmet and a nametag, plus it’s machine-washable. Children ages three to six will enjoy pretending to blast off into space in this zip-up set.

Baby Shark Costume with Sound Chip

Rubie's Kid's Baby Shark Costume with Sound Chip is one of the best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

This pull-on Baby Shark costume is perfect for those who can’t get the worldwide sensation song out of their head. It’s a pull-on style with a hooded headpiece that lets them live and breathe as their favorite character ever. There’s even a sound chip in the costume that plays “Baby Shark.” The fabric is soft, so you won’t have to worry about squeezing your little one’s fins into a stroller or wagon.

Inflatable Dinosaur

Rubie's Kid's Baby Shark Costume, best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

For toddlers that love dinosaurs and who have already established a sense of humor, this inflatable dinosaur costume will delight them. It’s available in sizes 2 to 10 and comes with an air pump to keep the costume inflated (four AA batteries not included). The illusion of riding a dinosaur will tickle your toddler for sure.

If you were looking to find the perfect costume for a toddler Halloween parade at daycare or school, this is definitely the one.

Princess Dress Costume

Party Chili Luxury Princess Dress Costume, best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

Princess lovers—especially Elsa fans—will love this deluxe costume set that can be used for Halloween or regular dress-up days. It features a gown with a cape overlay, scepter, crown, gloves and clip-in ponytail braid for the ultimate princess experience. The costumes come in sizes for toddler girls 2 to 10 years old.

Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume

Rubie's Paw Patrol Marshall Child Costume, best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

Fans of “Paw Patrol” will adore this Marshall costume. Modeled after the firefighter Dalmatian, it’s an officially licensed costume with a jumpsuit, hat and pup pack to make your child’s Halloween dreams come to life. If your child is more of a Rubble or Skye fan, Rubie’s has more options.

 Cowboy Costume

Bilo Kid Halloween Cowboy Costume, best toddler Halloween costumes Merchant

Whether your child wants to play Jessie from Toy Story 2 or just a regular old cowboy or cowgirl, this is essential for Halloween and regular dress-up days. It comes with all the essentials, such as a vest, jodhpurs, a bandana and a hat, and is available in sizes one to seven years.

Even if your child outgrows the pull-on pants, your family can enjoy the vest, bandana and hat for many years after Halloween night.

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