Best Double Travel Strollers 2023

Travel strollers are smaller, lighter weight and more compact versions of everyday strollers. Double travel strollers are exactly what they sound like—travel strollers that can fit two babies or toddlers. Some fold umbrella-style, and others collapse into almost origami-like patterns that trick the eyes and offer architectural wonder.

We examined everything from assembly to how easily each model collapses, weight capacities, pricing and portability. In the end, we found a handful of brilliant travel double strollers that’ll get you from the runway to the all-inclusive resort of your dreams.

The best double travel strollers of 2023

Best overall

UppaBaby GLink Double Stroller

best doubel travel strollers, uppababy double travel stroller Merchant

The UppaBaby GLink Double Stroller wins the top spot on our list of the best double travel strollers thanks to its lightweight design, easy folding and spacious seating for babies, toddlers and even some big kids. Available in two neutral colors with UPF 50+ sunshades, this aluminum-framed beauty is a joy to push.

Independent reclining seats, multi-paneled canopies and a carry handle helped us rank this one as the best overall. We also loved the moderate price point and quick folding. It’s suitable for babies three months old through about 55 pounds, making it your one-and-done double stroller through about kindergarten.


  • Excellent construction
  • Individual seats
  • Suitable from about three months up to 55 pounds per seat
  • Moderate price point
  • Easy to wash/wipe down
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Carry handle for easy transport when folded
  • UPF 50+ sun shades for each seat


  • Medium-sized wheels make it easy to push on paved areas, but a little bit of a chore on grass and rocks

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