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The best double strollers are easy to maneuver, comfortable for both kiddos and suit your family’s lifestyle, be it cruising the city sidewalks or hitting the hiking trails near your house. They’re also exceptionally safe and aren’t a pain in the butt to fold up, which is important—trust us.

“To ensure you find a stroller that meets your unique needs, take some time to reflect on your lifestyle and how you expect to use your stroller as your family grows,” advises Alli Cavasino, CEO and co-founder of JoyLet, a premium baby and toddler gear rental company. Here are the must-haves you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping.

  • Ability to grow with your kiddos: Cavasino recommends checking the weight capacity and height limits for each seat and thinking about the ages or expected spacing between your children, as these limits will determine how long you can use the stroller. In my personal experience as a mom of three, the higher the weight and height limit of each seat, the better. And if you want to start using your stroller from birth, look for recline seats your newborn can safely sit in from the beginning or double strollers that allow you to use a bassinet or pop their carseat on with an adapter.
  • Style and configurations: Perhaps the biggest double stroller debate amongst parents is whether to go side by side or opt for a tandem stroller. While both styles definitely have their pros and cons, it really comes down to how and where your family will use yours. “If you often navigate through narrow spaces, a tandem stroller may be a better choice,” says Cavasino. This style offers more seating configurations too, but can be much harder to maneuver overall. If you plan on putting in a lot of miles and have twins or similar-aged kids, a side-by-side is a no brainer.
  • Size: Do you want something lightweight that you can use for travel or quick trips to the store, or a tank that will carry all the things and is great for all terrains too?
  • Storage space: With two kiddos, you’re going to be schlepping all the snacks, diapers, sippy cups and toys galore. The best double strollers have ample storage space to fit all the things. “In many cities, caregivers use their strollers like their car, carrying groceries, work essentials and more in addition to baby’s belongings,” notes Cavasino.
  • Safety features: Because safety first, obvs. Cavasino recommends looking for strollers that come with the latest safety features such as five-point harnesses, brakes and snug leg openings for infants (so they can’t slip through). “Be careful of buying older models secondhand as these may not meet all current safety standards,” she warns. “A canopy with UV protection is a must, but many canopies offer enhanced features such as extensions, ventilation and peek-a-boo windows to check on your children without having to disturb them.”
  • Overall ease of use: A stroller that is easy to push and maneuver with your children in it is an absolute must. Try taking any double stroller you’re considering for a test drive to get a feel for how smooth and comfortable the ride is for everyone. Also, consider the weight and fold. “It should be comfortable for you to conduct frequent movements you expect to encounter, like lifting in and out of the car or carrying up the stairs of your apartment building,” says Cavasino. Things like adjustable handlebars, cup holders and multiple recline positions (hello, naps on the go!) can also make your life easier.

The best double strollers 2023

Best overall

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

uppababy vista v2 double stroller, best double strollers Merchant

If you’re searching for a double stroller with loads of versatility that can stylishly accommodate your growing family, look no further than the UPPAbaby Vista V2—a  super chic convertible option that gets rave reviews (an unheard-of 4.9 stars on Amazon!) from parents, passengers and passersby alike.

While it’s certainly an investment, it’s worth every penny considering you can customize it to create countless configurations, even taking a third kiddo along for the ride (with the PiggyBack ride-along board) down the road.

Have twins? You can comfortably seat multiples in two bassinets or infant car seats. Big siblings can also catch a ride in the multi-recline toddler seat, facing mom and dad or looking out to view the world. Parents will appreciate that it comes fully loaded with all those little extras that make for a more pleasant push, such as shock-absorbing front and rear suspension, an adjustable handlebar to save your back and a foolproof wheel lock with a visual lock indicator.

It also features an impressive amount of storage space, holding up to 30 pounds of stuff, as well as an extendable, zip-out UPF 50 shade canopy to keep your big kid cool and extra protected from the sun.


  • Allows for multiple configurations
  • Can seat twins and children of varying ages
  • Removable and washable fabrics for easy cleaning
  • Extra large storage basket can hold up to 30 pounds
  • Extendable UPF 50 shade canopy for extra sun protection
  • Stands when folded for easy and compact storage
  • Super stylish design


  • The priciest option on our list but worth it for the high quality
  • Can be hard to push/maneuver with a heavy toddler in the bottom seat

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