25 awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Show the main man in your life how much he means to you with one of these awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas. You can thank us later.

Wondering how to make Valentine’s Day (in lockdown, for some of us) feel special this year? We’re rounded up some of our favourite Valentine’s day gifts for him. Happy shopping!

1. The Body Scrubber

Black hexagon-shaped body scrubber

Photo: Tooletries

$26, tooletries.ca

2. BMW M 1000 RR

Lego motorcycle on white background

Photo: Lego

$300, lego.ca

3. Hot Honey

Jar of chilli-infused honey

Photo: Drizzle

$15, drizzle.com

4. Cork Massage Balls

Set of three cork massage balls in differing sizes

Photo: Auria

$30, indigo.ca

5. Make It Yourself Live-Edge Charcuterie Board Kit

Rustic kit with box, walnut wood, tools, how-to book

Photo: Lee Valley

$150, leevalley.com

6. Electrical Pulse Neck Massager

White and grey massager that curves around the neck

Photo: Winners

$15, winners.ca

7. Charcoal and Tea Tree Bar Soap

Black bar of soap with white label

Photo: Bear Naked Naturals

$6, bearnakednaturals.com

8. Men’s Love Socks

Two pairs of socks, one black and one pink, with LOVE written on the back

Photo: Roots

$19/pack of two, roots.com

9. One Tin Bakes Easy by Edd Kimber

Cover of One Tin Bakes Easy

Photo: Octopus

$25, indigo.ca

10. Razor Blade Bank

Rectangular tin with "Well Kept" engraved on the side

Photo: Well Kept

$26, ecofillosophy.com

11. Luxe Foam Pillow

Foam pillow

Photo: Endy

From $125, endy.ca

12. Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate in geometric print packaging

Photo: Soul Roasters

$5, soulroasters.com

13. Wingspan

Board game will watercolour illustration of a bird

Photo: Stone Maier Games

$75, stonemaiergames.com

14. Soft-Washed Built-In Flex Boxer Briefs

Three-pack of boxer briefs with heart motifs

Photo: Old Navy

$30/pack of 3, oldnavy.ca

15. The Steak Knife Set

Six steak knives in wooden blocks

Photo: Kilne

$165, kilne.com

16. The ReNew Transit Bag

Zippered nylon crossbody bag

Photo: Everlane

$51, everlane.com

17. Hello, Handsome Homemade Candle

Candle in glass jar on lifestyle background

Photo: Etsy

$25, etsy.com

18. Tech Kit Compact

Grey zippered pouch to carry tech accessories

Photo: Bellroy

$69, bellroy.com

19. ​​Walnut Wood Coffee 22oz Mug 

Wooden coffee mug with handle and lid

Photo: Corkcicle

$56, outerlayer.com

20. Cloud Cotton Robe

Grey waffle-knit robe

Photo: Parachute

$150, parachute.com

21. Cerise Tagine

Cherry red tagine

Photo: Le Creuset

$350, crateandbarrel.com

22. Eco Sneaker Care Kit

eco-friendly sneaker kit with brush, towel and solution

Photo: Walter’s

$18, frankandoak.ca

23. Castello Cheese TK

wireless phone charger

Photo: Ikea

$50, ikea.com

24. Marlow Square Sunglasses

Rectangular-shaped frames with green tint

Photo: Fossil

$90, fossil.com

25. Everything I Brew Coffee Card

Greeting card with coffee pots

Photo: Humdrum Paper

$7, outerlayer.com

26. The Solar Black

Black solar-powered watch with black mesh strap

Photo: Solios

$340, solioswatches.ca

27. Razor Starter Set

Boxed set of razors

Phoot: Dollar Shave Club

$13, walmart.ca

28. Spice Discovery Box

Gift set of assorted spices

Photo: Kanel Spices

$38, well.ca

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