25 Autumn-Inspired Baby Names Perfect for Fall

Expecting a baby this fall but haven’t found the perfect name yet? Fear not! We’ve got 25 autumnal baby names for boys, girls, and those who are gender-neutral, thanks to help from Your Baby Club. From nature-inspired names to those inspired by the colors of the season, here are some of our top choices.

25 Autumn-inspired baby names perfect for fall

The name Maple comes from English origin, and is a connotation for the maple tree – which boasts beautiful fall foliage. However, the maple leaf itself is the national symbol of Canada, which was used to represent a symbol of strength and endurance during the First World War.

Maple started to gain popularity in the 20th century, however, it hasn’t been on the most popular names list in the United States since 1902. Actor Jason Bateman and his partner and fellow actor, Amanda Anka named their second child Maple in 2012.

The name Autumn originates from the Latin word for Fall, and is the period of time between summer and winter when the leaves change to a spectacular array of colors, temperatures start to drop and nights get shorter – resulting in cozy evenings and brisk walks through the park. Autumn is an increasingly popular name, as it celebrates the beginning of a new season and new life. No name quite fits as perfectly to the season, as Autumn does.

Hazel is a soft name of English origin, deriving from the hazel tree – native to the UK, which transforms colors when the season shifts. The name grew substantially in popularity around the early 2000s, and has remained a firm favorite since. We’re unlikely to see a decrease in the popularity, as more people look for ‘vintage’ and unique baby names.

British actress Emily Blunt and her husband, US Office actor John Krasinski, welcomed a daughter named Hazel in 2014, and Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts also named her daughter Hazel following her birth back in 2004.

Forrest is traditionally a boy’s name, which has both English and French origins. The name essentially means ‘of the woods’ and was traditionally associated with those who resided in the woods. It’s the perfect name for a little one with a life of adventure and a family who enjoy the great outdoors and exploring new hidden gems – showcasing a bright and playful energy.

Rowan is a name with both Irish and Scottish origins, which comes from the name Ruadhán, meaning ‘red-haired’, this also has connotations to the ‘rowan tree’, a tree with red berries. The name is gender-neutral, and is currently the 97th most popular male name and the 276 most popular Female name in the US, according to statistics from Social Security name data.

Another woodsy, outdoors name is Hunter and yes, you guessed it, it means ‘someone who hunts’. The name has English origins, and was traditionally a surname given to hunters, but has since been popularized as a first name for both boys and girls.

The name Hunter traditionally signifies a free-spirited individual who loves adventure and being at one with nature. For expectant parents who love exploring the natural world, Hunter is the perfect option as a name filled with character and personality on its own.

The name Bryn is of Welsh origin and a name inspired by nature, meaning ‘hill’. Byn is a traditionally male name, but is becoming more popular for girls across the US, spelt ‘Brynn’. The name is fun and unique, and the perfect choice for a little one born when the sun is shining and the leaves and temperatures are dropping.

How does the name Acer have a connection to Fall? Acer, also known as maple, is a type of tree whose leaves turn a beautiful red, yellow, and burnt orange during the fall season. The name Acer is the masculine version of ‘Maple’ and brings connotations of warmth and brightness of the new season.

Another unique option is Phoenix. The name has Greek origins and means ‘dark red’, a color typically associated with the changing of seasons, from summer to fall. The name also comes from a mythological bird, which is symbolic of rebirth and strength.

Phoenix has gradually increased in popularity since the early 2000s. In fact, in 2022, the name was revealed as the 261st most popular boy name in the US.

Spice Girls singer Mel B chose the unique name for her first-born child, 24-year-old daughter Phoenix, back in 1999. More recently, socialite and reality TV star Paris Hilton welcomed a son named Phoenix with her husband Carter Reum.

Saffron is traditionally a female name, which originates from England, meaning ‘Yellow Flower’ with traits of precious, glowing, and spice. The Saffron Crocus plant – also known as Autumn Crocus –  blooms during the Fall season, and is known for its rich and spicy flavors. Just think, if your little one has a spicy nature then ‘Saffron’ will be the perfect fit!

The name Russell comes from the French word ‘russel’, meaning ‘red-haired’. This name visualizes fields and paths lined with fallen red leaves during the fall months. It’s traditionally a boy’s name, but there is no reason why ‘Russell’ can’t be considered a gender-neutral name. Rusty, or Russ are just two of the nicknames that Russell can be shortened to, both cute and fun.

Amber is a popular female name, which has both French and Arabic origins, meaning ‘jewel’ and ‘amber-coloured’. The color amber is symbolic of the fallen leaves of fall, a mid-way color between yellow and orange, making the name a great choice for an autumn baby who will love exploring nature and learning about the great outdoors.

Out of all the tree-inspired names out there, Aspen is definitely one of the most unique options. The aspen is a tall tree that is native to North America, and often found in woodland – the tree is notorious for its light leaves that move with the slightest breeze. It brings to mind a free-spirited child, who is full of energy and life.

Bowie is creative, a little edgy, and has oodles of charm. The name is originally derived from Scottish origins, meaning ‘yellow-haired’ and ‘blond’ fitting with the signs of the new season – from leaves changing color to fruit falling and the warmth of the golden sun.

Of course, these days the name is more commonly associated with the late singer-songwriter David Bowie, who chose to replace his given surname of ‘Jones’ with the unique name when he first started out in the entertainment industry..

Zarina has a beautiful meaning that aligns perfectly with fall. The name comes from the Persian word Zarin, which means ‘golden’. Since autumn is filled with golden hues, the name feels like a great fit for a little one born in September, October, or November. This feminine name has a soft and peaceful feel to it and feels modern and fresh.

Auburn is a name that comes from Old English and French and is perfect for any little one, regardless of gender. It describes the reddish-brown shade of hair that some babies are born with, and it even makes for a great middle name. Auburn is also a great name to honor the autumn season, as it reminds us of the red and brown tones found in autumn leaves.

If you’re a fan of autumnal hues, why not name your baby girl Sienna? This Italian name means orange-red, which perfectly captures the colors of fall sunsets. It’s also been made popular by actress Sienna Miller and even Princess Beatrice of York named her daughter Sienna in 2021.

Fall is here and so is the perfect baby name – Maize! It’s Native American, unisex, and reminds us of harvest time and delicious corn. And if you’re still trying to figure out a middle name for your boy or girl, Maize might just be the perfect fit! It’s got that one-of-a-kind quality that’ll make your child feel like a true original.

Goldie is a name that’s worth its weight in gold, literally! With Yiddish roots, it means “made of gold” and is perfect for a baby whose parents are blonde and may also be blonde themselves. When you hear the name Goldie, you might think of actress Goldie Hawn or the storybook character Goldilocks.  Above all, it’s a cheerful name that can bring a smile to your face.

Scarlett is a name that’s as bold and vibrant as the color it represents. This French name means “red” and is associated with courage, passion, and joy. It’s a great choice for parents who want a name that’s both classic and modern and has been made famous by actresses like Scarlett Johansson and literary heroines like Scarlett O’Hara.

If you’re on the hunt for a name that connects you to nature, Willow is a fantastic option. Not only is it inspired by the willow tree, which symbolizes balance, growth, and harmony, but it also has a timeless quality that’s been around for centuries. Willow has become quite a popular name lately, thanks to the daughters of Will Smith and Pink!

Want a name that’s both strong and resilient? Look no further than Cedar! This tree-inspired name is unisex, has Latin origins, and can even be spelled Ceder if you’re feeling quirky.

If you’re looking for a name that’s both unique and meaningful for your little boy, Jasper might just be the perfect choice. It’s also associated with the stunning gemstone jasper, making it a great choice for parents who love nature and beauty.

Okay, we know ‘Bear’ might sound like a weird name for a kid, but hear me out. It’s unique, it’s memorable, and it’s got a rugged charm that’s perfect for little adventurers. Besides, if it’s good enough for Bear Grylls, it’s good enough for your little cub.

If you want a name that brings to mind cozy fall nights by the fire, Ember is it. It means spark or burning low, making it a great choice for kids with a fiery spirit. You can also spell this name in different ways, including Embar and Embere.

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