28 Popular Poems For Teenagers About Life And Love

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Adolescence is a turbulent and complicated time for children. Teenagers have to deal with various obstacles, choices, mood swings, relationships, and more. Whether it is expressing sorrow or love, poetry can be an excellent medium for them.

If you are looking for some poems to highlight the emotions that your teens are going through, the popular poems for teenagers given here are just what you need.

25+ Teenage Poems

Poems About Teenage Life

These poems express the feelings and experiences that teenagers go through during adolescence. Share these relatable poems with your teen.

1. The Teenage Years

We learn from our mistakes,
From the wrong turns, we take,
From the fake friends we make,
And from the times we almost break.

Our mistakes help us grow,
But at the time, we didn’t know.
We didn’t want our weakness to show.
At the time, we couldn’t let them know.

Our fake friends were there,
But they didn’t actually care
Our secrets they would share,
And now, as we pass, they just stare.

Not breaking means you’re strong.
You’d know where you went wrong,
As if you weren’t waiting so long
To explain yourself, but stay strong.

So here’s to the liars and traitors,
All the wannabes and haters
And learning from our mistakes
And learning to spot the fakes.

Here’s to being a teen.
Live it up, ’cause we’re living the dream.

—Sarah Lough

2. Contradiction

So full of deceit,
My life’s a contradiction.
One day it’s reality,
The next one it’s fiction.

I’m lost without reason.
Because I made it so
To increase the complexity
And force myself to grow.

I’m so full of life today,
But tomorrow, it dies.
I’m so full of optimism,
But a pessimist cries.

The two extremes of who I am
Are what I hate to be.
I’m so scared to waste it,
Then scared to run free.

Can I live it day by day,
Or do I even dare?
I’m so full of wonder now,
But tomorrow I won’t care.

—Storm Campbell

3. Fairytale Girl

I’m not that girl who’s loved by all.
Don’t wear dresses or go to balls.
I’m not the kind who likes to sing.
Don’t dream of wearing a diamond ring.

I’ve watched the movies
A hundred times.
Promises of a tall, dark,
And handsome
Boy in disguise.

But I know there’s more out there
Waiting for me.
My dreams come in
A different variety.

My blue jeans,
My sneakers,
My hopes and dreams
Have a fairytale ending
Just for me.

So goodbye Cinderella,
‘Cause I’m on a roll.
Don’t need a prince charming
To have or to hold.

The way I am is perfect,
No doubt in my mind.
I’m different, I guess,
And I guess I don’t mind.

—Annabel Lee Winters

4. The Life Of A Teenage Girl

Look how she’s changed,
Look how she’s grown,
The personality changes
I should have known

The make up she wears,
Each day it gets thicker
Why is she doing this?
To grow up quicker?

The days she comes in
She runs to her room
Is it really possible,
To feel so much gloom?

The tears in her eyes,
Her heart as it breaks
She will learn to realize
Her minor mistakes

I cuddle her in
I miss times like this
The young girl that smiled
My gorgeous ‘Little miss.’
Now her dancing, and prancing
The games we did play
Her sorrow, it drifts memories
So many miles away

I call her down
As I do each time
To ask her to share with me
The troubles of her prime

The response was different.
To the one, I used to know
She stared up at me
She was beginning to let go

The stories she told
The rumors she’d heard
No wonder my princess
Had not said a word

The thing she said next
Opened my eyes
To a world, I’d never known
A world of hurt and hated and lies

‘Mum,’ she said
As the tales unfurled
‘This is the life,
Of a Teenage Girl


5. From A Teenager’s Side

I hear my mom scream,
“Bags, books, your comb, and cream
Scattered on the bed with those jeans.
This is how you keep your room clean?”
Do you sometimes forget that I’m a teen?

I hear my father say,
“Wake up, get up, and chase your dreams.
This is the time you should choose your stream.
Leave your Twitter, songs, and films.
Don’t waste your time in front of a computer screen.”
Well, why don’t you understand? I’m a teen.

I hear my friends complain,
“We know it’s tough, but we have to tell you,
You can be rude without having any clue.
It’s hard to handle you during your mood swings,
As you can go crazy ’cause you don’t know what you mean.”
Why don’t you get it? Like you, I’m a teen.

I hear people say,
“OMG! Just look at her size.
Food and drinks? She will never compromise.
She should diet, eat carrots and beans
So she can squeeze into her jeans.”
Why don’t you understand? I’m a teen.

Sometimes I wonder, does anyone say,
“She is beautiful in her own way.
She tries her best to achieve something.
She can be cute and crazy but never mean.
After all, she is my sweet lil’ queen.
Please try and understand; she is a teen.”


6. Trapped

Lost in the confusion of my mind
Looking for a way out
Held captive by my own fears and insecurities
Caught up in my emotions of love & lust, joy & pain

Ready to cry to the world and wonder if they understand my tears
Always keeping my head bowed, too afraid to see my future
Afraid of the hurt & pain that awaits me
My heart is filled with rage & desire for someone I can’t have

Biting my tongue for others because of the fear of being alone
Compromising for everyone else but getting nothing in return
Wondering why life is such a bitch but loving everything about it
The ups and downs; the tears and smiles

Praying that someone can love me for me
Regretting all the things that I’ve done in my past to bring pain to others
Lost with no way out
Thanking God for letting me see another day but ready to write My Suicide Note because of all the pain I’ve endured

Afraid to take off my mask because of the judgment that lies ahead
Lost in my own confusion
Someone rescue me before I drown

—Glendian Robinson

7. To Be Free

At last, I’m free from the cage.
No longer am I filled with rage.

I am free from all stress,
Free of anger and all the rest.

I am free from being harmed.
Now I welcome life’s challenges with open arms.

This is my new beginning,
This is my time to shine.
Finally, opportunity is mine.

Nothing can stop me,
I’m a girl with a dream.
Everything I have ever wished for,
I can now redeem.

I am free to dance, free to sing.
I now see that life is a beautiful thing.

This amazing world is mine to explore,
But most importantly…

I’m free to be me,
More than ever before.

—Monica Moore

8. Angels Falling

Filled with sorrow, she stands,
Icy tears fall from pain—filled eyes and drops in the sand,
She puts on that painted smile,
She is there, but her mind is away miles,

Sucked back in recent past,
She wonders why couldn’t she just work things out and make their love last,
She knew he was too good to be true,
Laughing grimly, she watched as her world turned to swirling shades of red, black, and blue,

Torn from the inside out,
The young, naive girl tried to figure what true love was all about,
Been balancing on the edge, she is now falling,
From the dark, a familiar voice was calling,

His voice invades her head,
Persist is the voice; she decides to ignore him instead,
Blackened wings sprout from her back,
Instead of flying her high and saving her, they allow her to fall and relax,

Plunging her deeper and deeper, only stopping when she hears a faint sound of a bell,
Fallen and broken, she lays in front of the gates of Hell,

—Mickala Scott

9. My Misery

My life is like a circle
There is no specific place to start
My life is like a curvy dirt road
It goes on too far

My life is like an engine
That just won’t start
My life is like an eternal flame
a spark that won’t go out

My life is like a sad baby
It just sits and pouts
My life is like an ocean
That goes too deep

My life is like a weeping willow
That just won’t weep
My life is a shoe
Is it just cold and blue

My life is a lie
It just flies by
My life is a sad poem
It can go on and on.

—Trestiny Williams

Funny Poems For Teens

Share these funny poems with your teens and bring a smile to their faces.

10. Teenage years

In a long—ago day no term such as teenager
was inferred
Upon reaching pubescence adulthood was
No separate entity were teenage years
thought to be
Anymore than 20 or 30 even 93
The business of giving separate age a place
on life’s map
Has turned out to be nothing but a load
of crap
“I’m a teenager,” they will wail and whine
Implying “your life is less valuable than
“I’m your replacement” is what they’re
trying to say
But they should at their feet what’s crawling
on the floor
Their own replacements will be ready a couple
years or more.

—Elizabeth Smith

11. Your Smile

I see you walking down the hall.
Your gorgeous blonde hair,
Thoughtful blue eyes, and
Perfect smile make me flustered.

I try to disappear into myself.
When I will pass you.
A God like you doesn’t notice
People who are like me.

Somehow, you catch my eye.
And you wink at me as we pass.
When you can’t see me anymore,
A smile lights up my face.

The impossible actually happened!
I am left grinning like a giggly idiot,
Getting concerned glances by others.
Yet, I don’t care because you smiled at me:

You with your sunshine hair,
Deep, blue ocean eyes, and
your contagious smile.
My smile glows because of your smile.

—Tasha Taylor

12. Lazy Teen

Hi, my name is Katy.
I’m not an active lady.
I’m happy when I’m on the couch,
But if I get up, I will turn into a grouch.
I sit around and watch much TV,
And oh, the joy it brings to me.
My eyes do not need a rest
For when the screen is on, they work best.
I read books to ease my time.
In my head, the wonders you would find.
I wrote this poem for class, you know,
And oh the writing, it goes so slow.
These will be the lines.
Now go away, it’s TV time.

—Bradi Nichols

13. Illogical wish

Time up! Time up!
Examiner’s tune
Shut up! Shut up!
Teacher’s tune
Hey! Can’t we ban it?

We children get a year to hear
And only 3 hours to star
Can’t we keep it on a little par?

Oh! I didn’t mean a long year,
But at least a day
And then it will, one on one.

Teacher talks the whole day.
It may be any topic
Can’t we make it on a par?

Oh! I don’t mean:
Be a talkative or a lecturer
But a discusser
And then it can be on any topic.

Time up! Time up!
Examiner’s tune
Shut up! Shut up!
Teacher’s tune
Hey! Can’t we ban it?

—Lisha Porwal

Teenage Poems About Love

Teenage love can be exciting and thrilling yet uncertain at the same time. Share these love poems that express the feelings that teenagers often harbor about their “first love” or crush.

14. I Want To Be…

I want to be your favorite hello,
And I want to be your hardest goodbye.
I want to be the one who never makes you cry,
The one who puts that sparkle in your eye.

I want to be the one you trust,
And I want to be the one you can tell all your secrets to.
I want to be the one always by your side,
The one you’re stuck to like glue.

I want to be the one who makes you happy,
And I want to be the one who makes you smile.
I want to be the one waiting for you as you’re walking down the aisle,
The one to whom you’d say, “For you, I’d walk a thousand miles.”

I want to be the one you truly love,
And I want to be the one who fills your heart.
I want to be the one who’s always there to hold you in the dark,
The one who loved you from the very start.

—Deshaun Roberts

15. When I See You

When I see you,
Your eyes sparkle while you say hi with the sweetest voice in the world.
When I see you,
My heart skips a beat, and I don’t know what to say.
When I see you,
Love and happiness fulfill my thoughts, and all of my troubles go away.
When I see you,
I wonder if you think about me as much as I think about you.
When I see you,
I daydream about the day we could say “I Do.”
When I see you,
All I want to say is, “I love you.”

—Roslyn Stevenson

16. True Love

You hear of true love.
In movies and books
But not based on
Popularity or looks.

I’ve searched every corner.
Deep in my mind.
But this one little thing.
I just could not find it.

For it was not in my head
But deep in my heart.
Looking for this
Completely tore me apart.

Then one day I found it,
This thing we call love.
It’s something wonderful,
Sent from above.

We stared at each other.
As our faces turned red.
Yet nothing was spoken,
Nothing was said.

No words were needed.
Because our hearts said it all.
We’d be together forever,
For in love, we did fall.

—Moira Thompson

17. A Hoping Crush

Your smile makes me smile,
Your laugh makes me laugh.
Your eyes are enchanting.
You make my thoughts seem daft.

Since the day I first laid eyes on you,
My feelings grew and grew.
In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked,
And those butterflies flipped and flapped.

And as I spill these simple rhymes,
My mind goes over time and time.
Why didn’t you ask me to dance
During that slow song of endless romance?

I hope this doesn’t seem too creepy.
Please don’t think my thoughts have flown too freely.
Just know that what I speak is true
And that I have fallen deeply for you.

—Parker C. Blair

18. My Greatest Regret

I never showed my love when she was here.
Of her reaction, I always had that fear.
Now she will no longer stay.
I never showed my love, and now she’s away.

I always wanted to look at her face.
I always wanted to be near her place.
I always had a feeling deep down inside,
A feeling I always had to hide.

I did what I could to hide what I feel,
To hide how my heart she can steal.
Why hide? I was always asking.
Now it’s time for unmasking.

Since I saw her, I wanted to be more than her friend.
Now that dream will forever end.
She was the first girl on which I had a crush.
To see her, I went to school in a rush.

She might seem normal to you,
But she’s a saint from my point of view.
I thought she was perfect for me,
But through my wish, I wasn’t able to see.

I never told that girl how my feelings were.
I never showed her how much I care.
I regret not having that talk.
I regret not breaking that block.

—Hussein A. Termos

19. Forever Vanished Love

Everything was simple,
Everything was fine.
I knew I couldn’t have you,
And I knew why.

I tried to move on.
I dated other guys,
But then when we’d hang out,
I knew I had lied to myself.

You noticed me drifting.
You said, “Please explain,”
But I didn’t want to lose you,
So I tried to deal with the pain.

It’s hard to be with you.
It gets harder each day.
When I look into your eyes,
I feel my body floating away.

I miss the way it used to be.
You don’t feel the change.
You don’t know I really love you.
I’m sure to you; it’s just a game.

As I close my eyes tonight,
I’ll pray as I was taught to do.
I’ll pray that you realize that
I love you, but I can’t have you.


20. A Passionate Heart

When I look at you,
It makes my heart overwhelmed with love
flowing from my spirit through my itty bitty tiny veins.

The glow that your face gives
when I look into your eyes
as I stare at you,
it’s like your love
for me spells out in the air, saying
baby, I will always be there.

Thinking ’bout that day when we met,
it was like we were meant for one another…
The way we connected,
the thoughts we shared,
the love we showed,
if only everybody could see and know that
my heart is a passionate reflection of you
that no one can ever undo.

My passionate heart…
It cries for you,
but only if you knew
that my passionate heart is
a reflection of how I feel about you.


21. I Fell So Deep

Although I speak about you so much,
Although everyone can see it,
I would never admit it…
Admit how I feel
When I first met you.
I just thought it was a silly crush.
Over time it grew on me; you grew on me.
I found myself smiling; then I found myself thinking of you.
I tried not to cry, but tears still broke through.
I always asked myself could it be true?
Or is this just a one—off thing?
You made me smile; you made me feel special.
I know you don’t feel the same, but I want you to.
I’ve never admitted this to anyone, not even you.
I think I’ve fallen in love with you.


22. Have I Ever?

Have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
And how it feels like heaven whenever you’re with me.
I just love the way you hold me in your warm embrace.
And when I’m down, how you gently wipe the tears from my face.
The way you kiss, how your lips softly and sweetly meet mine.
The way you innocently look into my eyes, with love and passion
and never cold like ice.

So, you’re asking, “How much do I mean to you?”
Words can’t explain how I feel,
but honey, I love you!

—Asian Angel

23. Wishing

I sit here day and night.
Wishing with all my might
That one day, you will see
How much you mean to me

You’re like an angel sent from above
And I want you to trust me with your love
I don’t see you every day
But you’re in my heart anyway

You’re gentle, kind, and sweet.
And I’m praying the next day we meet
You’ll fall in love with me
And then you’ll finally see
What I’ve been feeling all this time
Wishing you were mine.


24. My Angel

Your dark flowing hair does tickle my nose
after you kiss me when I give you a rose.
Your sweet blue eyes send my mind in motion;
they remind me of the sparkle of the sun in the ocean.
your calm, gentle voice always brings me a smile;
It is so sad we may only talk for a while.
I want to sit and hold you forever,
for that is a memory I long to endeavor.
The touch of your soft, gentle hands against mine
sends wonderful chills along my spine.
My dreams to be with you have finally come true,
For now, I will never want to let go of you.

—Steve Beaudry

25. Love From The Start

It was love from the start,
you came and stole my heart.
When I first looked at you, and you looked at me,
I blushed and smiled with glee.
I felt so loved by you
You gave me everything that I asked you to.
We were in love, all our friends watched in envy,
When we were together I felt so free.
You gave me all that I could ask for,
And everything you did, I adored.
You called me pretty when I was in a hair net,
And told me not to go just yet.
I would like to say just one thing,
Baby, you are my everything.


26. Her

I like holding her hand,
Holding her in my arms
Never wanting to let go
Never saying goodbye,
Wishing the kiss lasted forever.

Her smile brightens my day.
And her presence is even greater.
For then, I know I will always Love her
And with every Hug and Kiss
Our relationship grows stronger.

I feel sad when she cries,
Wanting to make things better,
But all I can do is tell her
That I will always be there.
And I just want her to know
that I will always Love her.

—William Johnson

27. The Last Goodbye

How can I say I’m sorry
When I know that you don’t care?
Now that I have done you wrong
How can I say these feelings that I share?

I cannot say I love you.
Or that I really truly care,
‘Cause my words would mean as much to you
As a layer of thin air.

How can I say good—bye
Must I face my worst fear?
Must I lose all of these feelings
That I hold so near?

How can I let go
Of a love that was so true?
How can I forget these feelings?
That I still hold for you?

Why can’t I say goodbye?
Even when I was wrong
To think that these feelings
Could it last forever long?

But I guess it’s really over.
I’m left alone and so sad,
Yet I still think of us
And all the times we had.

Maybe in the future
We can sort this all through,
But until then, my dearest love
I’ll say one last, “I love you.”

—Michael Bush

28. Feelings

The feelings I feel inside
I can’t explain
It’s like I still love you
but it doesn’t feel the same.

The memories we had
stays on my mind
How can I forget
I think about them all the time.

I wish we could go back
to how we were before
But it feels like the love we had before
just isn’t there anymore.

So many thoughts run through my head
like what kind of future we have ahead
I hope all our problems go away
so we can live happier together forever, everyday

And if by chance our love does end
I hope to God that we can still be friends.

—Austine’a Burrell

Out of the many ways to express yourself, poetry is one of the best mediums. So, choose a poem that you think your teen would relate to. And perhaps these poems will inspire your teen to pen down a few of their own verses to express their feelings.

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