25 Effective And Easy Fundraising Ideas For Kids

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Sowing the seeds of compassion in children right from a young age serves as a strong foundation for children to become better individuals in the community.

And piquing your children’s interest in a noble cause can be the first step in teaching them kindness. It can help them empathize with other people and teach them the importance of helping the needy.

Get your child and their friends to try some of the fundraising ideas for kids given in this post and raise money for a noble cause they want to support. The activity will make them more caring, charitable, and empathetic. In other words, you are preparing the next generation that is strong enough to take care of the people around them.

25 Fundraising Ideas For Kids

You could do several things to help your children know the importance of being charitable. Check out this long list of cool fundraising ideas for kids that are fun and easy to put into effect.

1. Donate or sell old toys

Make your children go through their old toys and donate some of them. They can even sell those toys in a garden sale and make money for the cause they support.

2. Ask for donations instead of gifts

On your child’s birthday or special occasions, ask your child to let their friends and relatives donate for a charity instead of giving gifts.

3. Host a craft sale

Homemade crafts add a special touch to the living room. From beaded necklaces to wall hangings, you could lay out attractive craft items for everyone. Children can arrange all such crafts and invite the community to attend the sale. They will feel good to know that their hard work benefits a good cause.

4. Host a dog wash

Identify the houses in your neighborhood with dogs, and ask your child to invite the neighbors on the weekend for a dog-washing event. They can also advertise it through posters and social media. This is a great fundraiser idea where everyone will enjoy, even their furry friends.

5. Host a spelling bee event

This is a fundraiser for learning and giving back. Host a spelling bee event for both children and adults and charge a fee for the participants and spectators. Give the participants enough time and notice to prepare well for the competition, and make the event exciting and memorable.

6. Organize a scavenger hunt

This is an exciting fundraising idea that is full of suspense. Children can participate by paying a certain amount of fee. Younger children can search for common items such as a ball, pencil, or a specific book, whereas the elder ones can solve some brain teasers or puzzles within a given time frame.

7. Collect spare change

Get your children to host a drive for spare change. It is an excellent idea for raising funds wherein adults can donate a small amount of the spare changes they have, which will mean much for the children. Give your child an empty jar and let them reach out to their grandparents, neighbors, teachers, or kind neighbors to contribute their spare changes for the noble cause.

8. Host a pizza party

Help your child arrange a pizza party in the school or community and sell the slices to the students or people of your community. Your child can take the help of the pizza store of your locality—they may be willing to donate pizzas or offer them at a lower rate to support the cause.

9. Guess the jelly beans

Arrange for an empty jar, a box for dropping the guesses, and jelly beans. Fill the jar with jelly beans and let the children guess the number of jelly beans in the jar. Each child has to make a guess by paying a small fee. The child with the correct guess will win the jar full of jelly beans, and the collected amount will be used for charity.

10. Organize a walkathon

A walkathon is an excellent fundraising idea as it includes many people. You can organize a themed walkathon to make your children more excited. A Halloween- or pajama-themed walkathon could be a great idea where children will get the chance of dressing in their best outfit or comfy pajamas while walking the neighborhood. Ensure every child and parent contributes money for participation.

11. Decorate cupcakes

Get some cupcakes, creams, and decorating items, and organize a competition for your children and their friends. After completing the task, let the children sell the cupcakes to their friends, family, and neighbors and make them vote for the best sweet treats. If you want to reach a wider audience, post pictures of the cupcakes on social media.

12. Say bingo

Children always have fun while playing for a noble cause, no matter how long the game. Let your child arrange Bingo cards for their friends and charge some amount for each card. As for the awards, arrange some gift items, snacks, or toys.

13. Organize a talent show

Give your children a chance to bring out their hidden talents by organizing a talent show where they can sing, dance, act, or tell jokes. Sell tickets to your family members, friends, and neighbors to come and attend the show and be a part of the noble cause.

14. Set up a lemonade stand

This is one of the easiest ways for children to raise funds. Help your children and their friends in setting up a lemonade stand on the lawn and ask them to sell lemonade to the passersby in your neighborhood.

15. Lend a helping hand

Let your children lend a helping hand to the elderly neighbors who need help raking leaves or shoveling the driveway. Make flyers and mention the charges.

16. Sell old books

There could be several books on your bookshelves that you have already read. Use the old books for a good cause. Let your children conduct an old book sale in your locality. Your child could also rope in their friends and ask them to donate books for sale. Thus, by selling the old books, they can raise money for a charity.

17. Sleep for fun

Here’s an amazing fundraising idea that requires no effort. Children are required to watch movies, hang out with friends, and sleep over while at school. The school sleepover activity allows children to bring their pillows and sleeping bags to spend the night there. Each student needs to pay some fee for participating in this sleeping activity, and the collected money can be used for charity.

18. Organize a clean-up event

Organizing a cleaning event in your community will be a great opportunity for children to learn to keep the environment clean. Ask the neighbors to support the clean-up event, and donate some amount for the children’s noble cause.

19. Organize a balloon raffle

Let your child organize a balloon raffle for their friends. All they need to arrange are balloons, raffle tickets, and prizes. Put the raffle tickets inside the balloons and make each person purchase them by paying a certain amount. At the end of the event, your child could draw the winning ticket number and give the winner a prize.

20. Organize a multicultural fair

Selling cultural products at an event is a great fundraising idea. This can be done at school or local community center where children of different cultural backgrounds can bring a dish or item and sell them to raise funds. They can also perform traditional dances and wear clothing to celebrate their cultural diversity.

21. Hold your peace

Here, the participants have to sit silently for a long time and get sponsored by people who fail to complete the task. This competition can be extremely challenging for the chatterboxes.

22. Offer gift-wrapping services

Another easy way for children to raise money is by offering gift-wrapping services to people in the neighborhood. To get more funds, set up a stall in the community with a flyer mentioning the cause of the service. People will come willing to support and donate to your child’s noble cause.

23. Sell flowers

During the warmer months, children can choose this idea as everyone would like to brighten their rooms with flowers. Selling flowers in the community is a quick way to raise money. You can talk to a florist about your child’s noble cause, and they’d be happy to give your child a discount.

24. Carve pumpkins

Let your child host a pumpkin carving party in your community and keep an admission fee for the participants. Also, they can sell the carved Halloween pumpkins to get more funds. Be sure to have food and refreshments on sale. This party will not only let children and families enjoy but also bring them closer.

25. Organize Olympic games

Let your child organize a sports competition to raise money for a noble cause. They can plan several outdoor games for children of all ages. To invite more participants, promote the event on social media. Let them charge an admission fee for the participants and get medals and prizes for the winners.

Fundraising helps children learn about financial responsibility and teamwork from a young age. All these fundraising ideas are easy to organize and require minimal effort, time, and money. So, let your child take the initiative and move on to donate to a cause they strongly believe in.

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