22 DIY Backyard Ideas For Kids, On A Budget

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The advances in technology have drastically reduced the time children spend in outdoor spaces. Today, children prefer to stare at screens rather than enjoy the sunshine and breeze. A fun way to get your children outdoors is to make your backyard an interesting and fun spot.

Children are incredibly inquisitive, and engaging in backyard activities can hone their creativity. Outdoor play is vital for the physical, cognitive, and social development of children.

Here, we provide you with fascinating ideas to transform your boring backyard into a magnet to draw children. These amazing backyard ideas for kids will ensure that your little one loves being outdoors for hours.

20+ Amazing Backyard Ideas For Kids

1. Kids zipline

A zipline in the backyard is an excellent idea if your children enjoy an adventure. In addition, it is a fun physical workout. If you have enough space in the backyard, purchase an affordable zip line set. You may also opt for night-friendly zip line kits with light-up seats.

2. Treehouse

A treehouse can be a perfect sanctuary for your little ones. They can play there with their friends or read a book on a bright, sunny day. Check out the several DIY treehouse ideas available online, and build a treehouse on your own. If you are not very good at building things, you can hire a professional to build a sturdy treehouse for your children.

3. Trampoline

Divert your children from their screens by installing a trampoline in your backyard. Jumping on a trampoline can improve your children’s balance and stamina and allow them to burn off excess energy. Trampolines come in many varieties and sizes, and some have a safety enclosure net. Select the one that fits into your child’s requirements and can be easily adjusted into your backyard.

4. Outdoor bounce house

A bounce house in the backyard can serve as a great play area for your little ones. They can run around and play with their friends. Make it more fun by adding pit balls, as children enjoy throwing the balls at each other. And the good thing about bounce houses is that they can be deflated when not in use. So they don’t permanently occupy spaces.

5. Splash pad

Hot summer days might force your children to play indoors, but not anymore! A splash pad would ensure that your children step out of the house yet remain cool. They will have hours of fun splashing around in the water. Setting up a splash pad can also help you teach children about a few properties of water. Remember to use a splash pad that treats the water. You may take the help of a professional for installation.

6. Swing set

A swing set in the backyard can be a dream come true for children. Set up a swing set that has a slide as well for added fun. A clubhouse can be a bonus, serving as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. This brilliant combination of fun backyard activities would ensure your children play to their heart’s content and never get bored.

7. Chalkboard wall

Unleash the artist in your child by installing a chalkboard wall. Buy a giant chalkboard and place it over the fencing or the wall of the backyard. You can hang it or bolt it on a wooden fence. Since standard chalkboard paint would not last outdoors, use exterior latex enamel instead. Your little ones will be delighted that their artwork is prominently displayed.

8. Backyard teepee

If you do not want to construct something that permanently occupies space in your backyard, you can create a temporary teepee. Whenever you want your children to enjoy the outdoors, set it up in the backyard. It will serve as a small private space for your children and their toys. You could also set it up on a cool and clear night and enjoy stargazing with your children.

9. Picnic table

A picnic in the backyard can add fun to a mundane day. Invest in a sturdy picnic table large enough for your family and enjoy lunch or snacks outdoors. It can be your special go-to spot for your children during the weekends. On pleasant evenings, you can even have your story sessions or organize a tea party in the backyard.

10. Painted rocks as toys

Instead of taking their regular toys outside, teach your children how to paint rocks and make them look like toys. Make the task of collecting rocks a game and encourage your little ones to find toy-shaped rocks. Paint these rocks together and create a play area with these rocks in your backyard. Your children can paint a triangular rock as a house, a rectangular one as a car, or anything that their imagination allows.

11. Climbing wall

A climbing wall is a great tool to help your children develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. They will have a blast competing with other children to reach the top first. If you are good with your hands, take the help of DIY climbing walldesign ideas available online that use wooden frames. You could also hire a carpenter to build one.

12. Sandbox

Give your children the feel of the beach in your backyard by setting up a sandbox. Playing with sand encourages imaginative play. Using their hands for dumping and scooping the sand can develop their motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. You can buy a sandbox from the market or build one yourself. Plain wooden bookcases, tires, and tents can be repurposed as a sandbox. Protect your children from the harmful sun rays by adding a large umbrella or a canopy.

13. Tight rope

Setting up a tight rope in your backyard is another way to encourage your child’s adventurous spirit. In addition to two sturdy trees, you just need a strong rope and carpet scrap or towel for padding the trees. Your little one will have great fun trying to find their balance and reach the end of the rope. Apart from improving balance, tightrope activity can also improve their gross motor skills, coordination, and muscle strength.

14. Hopscotch

Hopscotch can be an exciting addition to your backyard. It is a great physical activity for children and can be played alone or with friends. Buy some inexpensive concrete pavers and color them to make the game more attractive for your children. If you are up for putting in a little more effort, you can even tile up a section of your backyard with colorful tiles and number them.

15. Backyard soccer

Do you want to check if your child can be the next Ronaldo? Installing a goal post in your backyard might help you figure out. Enjoy a game of soccer with your little ones in the evenings and weekends. The kicking and running involved would be a perfect outlet for their excess energy and give them good physical exercise.

16. Seesaw

Children love riding up and down on a seesaw. Amidst the squeals of joy every time they go up, your little ones also learn the concept of balance. The motion works on the calf muscles, improving their strength. If you plan to install a swing set with a slide, adding a seesaw will provide a complete play area for your little ones.

17. Tire balancing

This is another fun activity that can improve children’s balancing skills. All you need is a bunch of tires and digging equipment. Bury half part of the tires underneath the ground. You can use cement for extra stability. Painting them in bright colors will make them aesthetically pleasing.

18. Backyard theatre

Give your child the movie screen experience in your backyard. You need a portable projector, a backdrop (tent, large sheet, or a portable screen), and speakers. If you are using a sheet, you can just hang it on the clothesline using clips. For a more permanent setup, pull the sheet taut over a wooden frame. You could use tiny light bulbs to decorate the frame.

You could use outdoor speakers or Bluetooth speakers, arrange the sitting area with a few chairs, and add a table to complete the setup. Enjoy movie nights with your little ones while munching on some healthy snacks.

19. Backyard kitchen

Encourage imaginative play by setting up a backyard kitchen. Children love imitating elders, and so this activity would be a treat for them. Use an old bookcase or shoe rack as the kitchen platform. Provide them with different ingredients, and your children will love creating their yummy dishes.

20. Hanging backyard tent

A hanging pod tent can be a unique addition to your backyard. It is a treat for all children, especially the ones who love space and airplanes. Since it is suspended in the air and looks like a pod, your child will feel like they are in an aircraft or a spacecraft. It can also serve as a reading nook for your little bibliophiles.

21. Road for toy cars

For your little race car lovers, setting up roadways in your backyard is a wonderful surprise. Children often end up racing their cars indoors or dragging them through mud and dirtying them while playing outside. A backyard roadway will give them a nice place to play car racing games outdoors.

You just need some concrete pavers, chalk, and a few pebbles. Make the road lines on the pavers, lay them on the ground such that they connect, and add the pebbles in the space between the adjoined pavers to give it a realistic feel.

22. Kiddie pool

This is another way to keep the summer heat away. Set up an inflatable pool in the backyard. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Some even have built-in sprinklers, slides, and top covers. Your children will have great fun lounging and playing in it.

These backyard ideas will inspire your children to spend more time outdoors rather than staring at a screen. You don’t need to spend much money to create a kid-friendly backyard. Choose any of the ideas given above based on the space available and your child’s interest and bond with them during their playtime in the backyard.


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