Feeding your baby has never been easier with new Canadian baby company Quark

High-tech, innovative designs, easy to clean and super affordable? We promise, it’s not too good to be true

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Having a baby is a monumental and exciting time in any prospective parent’s life. It’s magical. It’s life-changing. It’s… full of overpriced and complicated product recommendations? Anyone who has ever tried to compile a newborn registry knows this to be true. And despite promising ease, one is often left with more questions than answers. Such as, is it worth the price tag? Will my kid like it? And, perhaps most importantly, will it actually make my life easier? The founders of Canadian company Quark, parents themselves, found the answer to many of these questions to be a resounding no. Which led to the creation of Quark, a high-tech and streamlined kitchen and parenting accessories brand that will make your life easier when it comes to feeding baby. 

Quark has left nothing to chance and every detail of each product is thoughtful and practical with the busy parent in mind. Think beautiful countertop-worthy products that are multi-functional with intuitive designs and are—gasp—easy to clean. Perhaps best of all, the products are great value compared to other baby gadgets on the market which often have us doing intense mathematical breakdowns (“what’s the cost-per-use if I use this every day?“) to justify the purchase. We probably won’t give up math completely, but anything that makes feeding baby easier from purchase all the way to actually getting the food to baby’s mouth is a huge win for all parents. 

Here are three favourites from this new Canadian brand

The Kitchen Hero: Quook

This five-in-one compact counter-top appliance replaces five different baby gadgets that many new parents swear by. It blends, steams, warms, cleans and sanitizes all in one streamlined device. The built-in bottle warmer is an especially nice touch, making this a great product from birth, right into the toddler years and beyond. It’s dishwasher-safe, has an automatic cleaning function, and has a large-capacity blending cup so you can food prep for the week (if that’s your thing). It’s great for fruits and vegetables, but also meat and fish and the touch screen panel is sleek and modern. Since prepping food for your baby is unavoidable (seriously, you have to feed them multiple times a day until they’re adults?) it’s best to make it as smooth a journey as possible. 

A Blast for Baby: Fruuti 

This fruit feeder may look like a rocket, but it’s completely down-to-earth—though lightyears ahead of other similar baby feeders. Especially innovative is the rotary propulsion which allows you (or your kiddo) to propel food through the food-grade silicone top with an easy twist. This means less waste and more food safely in your little one’s mouth (and hopefully belly). It can be fully disassembled for thorough cleaning, is dishwasher-safe and even features a transparent cap to keep your food safe in travel or storage. It’s the perfect teether (just put cold fruit in and watch baby get immediate relief on those sore gums) or a safe snack option, allowing you to add new flavours to baby’s menu without stressing about safety.

A Weekly Staple: Chiill

For the food-prepper, the Chiill silicone tray is the perfect addition to your weekly meal plan. With seven sections made in thicker silicone, this product is great for loading with purees and popping in the freezer, baking veggie-filled mini muffins in the oven, or storing portion-controlled snacks in the panty. It’s safe for the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven (up to 425°F) and, like all of Quark’s products, is made without BPA, phthalates and other potentially harmful ingredients. The seven-day portion sections make for super easy weeks and the 1.4-ounce allotments are perfect for babies just getting started on solids. For older kids, feel free to have multiple trays—the cost won’t hold you back—and pop out another serving for your growing kid.

From meal planning through preparing, freezing and feeding, Quark has all the products you need to feed your baby—and make it feel easy. Find all the latest products at quarkbaby.com and follow along on Instagram and Facebook and Youtube.

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