This ultrasound caught a baby peeing in utero

Most people get to see their baby’s sweet face or their tiny hands and feet during an ultrasound appointment, but this mom got a different view.

Did you know that fetuses pee while in utero?

Yep, pregnancy is full of wonders, and thanks to ultrasounds we even get a peek at what’s going on in the womb. But while you’re lucky to catch a glimpse of your future baby’s face during an ultrasound appointment, one mother-to-be was treated to an even less common but equally foreshadowing sight: baby urination. (Yup, we see plenty of diapers in your future, mama.)

In this video shared on Instagram, an ultrasound shows a baby peeing in the womb. Take a look:

Kind of unbelievable, right? At first it’s a little tough to make out what exactly it is you’re looking at, but the moment the pee comes streaming out, it all clicks. We’re not sure if we should be disgusted or in awe (or both!), but we think the caption they chose for the clip is hilarious: “We guess this kid didn’t get the memo about not peeing in the pool.”

However, in the translated caption for the original video posted in September 2019 by Turkish doctor Ümit Korucuoğlu, he states that “Especially after the 20th week, the most important component of amniotic fluid is fetal urine.” So it seems babies really should be peeing in the pool. He continues further in the caption by explaining that the presence of urine is actually a good indicator of proper kidney development and function in the fetus.

Looks like we shouldn’t be so surprised when our babies feel the urge to pee and/or poo the second they get in the bath—it’s just what they’re used to!

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