Prince Louis stole the show AGAIN and we’ve got every hilarious photo

When tasked with sitting through an hours-long Platinum Jubilee pageant, Prince Louis acted like any four-year-old: a bit cuddly, a bit snackish and very silly.

Prince Louis’ antics spawned many an amazing meme last week when he hammed it up on the balcony at Trooping the Colour, and he was back at it on Sunday as his great-grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations came to a close. While sitting through an hours-long pageant, the little prince did what any four-year-old would do—get in a bit of trouble, make silly faces, cuddle his mom and eat snacks.

Tasked with wrangling her youngest child, the Duchess of Cambridge’s facial expressions also ran the gamut of relatable, from clenched smiles to stern glances and, of course, some unavoidable giggles at some of Louis’ silliest stunts. And who can blame either of them? Sitting still is a tall order for a preschooler at the best of times, and the thought of parenting one in front of the entire world makes us want to run and hide.

Luckily, Kate got a few breaks when Louis played musical chairs, hopping onto his grandpa Prince Charles’s lap for part of the show and, at another point, swapping seats with his siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte to be closer to dad.

The pageant looked pretty incredible, but there’s no denying that Prince Louis was the star of the show—and we’ve got all the funniest photos below. Well done, Louis, that couldn’t have been easy. Now go be free!

Prince Louis couldn’t contain his excitement during the pageant:

Prince Louis puts his arms up with his tongue out while his mom giggles at the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Once he realized he could get a better view by standing in his seat, things got pretty nerve-wracking for Kate:

Prince Louis stands in his seat while holding Kate Middleton's hand during the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

First snack? Fiftieth snack? Anything’s possible with a preschooler:

Prince Louis opens a snack while Kate watches at the Platinum Jubilee pageant

Photo: Getty Images

Prince George, 8, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were pretty placid during the pageant but Louis was AMPED UP:

Prince Louis makes an excited face while holding Kate's neck during the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Getty Images

At one point he was a little bit naughty and Kate had to shoot him a look:

Prince Louis puts his hand on his knows and sticks out his tongue while his mom Kate Middleton says something sternly at the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Perhaps realizing he’d gone too far:

Prince Louis covers his eyes while talking to mom Kate Middleton at the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Getty Images

Cuddle break!

Prince Louis cuddles his mom during the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And a kiss for mommy (we can’t with that hand placement):

Prince Louis kisses Kate MIddleton on the head at the platinum jubilee pageant

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Keeping his cousin Mia Tindall (and the entire world) entertained:

Prince Louis throws his hands up in the audience at the Platinum Jubilee pageant

Photo: Getty Images


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