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It’s that time again: the carefree days of summer have departed, and schedules, drop-offs, activities, pick-ups and homework have returned. It can be a stressful and busy season for the whole family, and eating healthy, nutritious foods is important to keep kids (and parents!) ready for whatever each day has in store.

One of the best ways to boost healthy eating is to include more fruit and vegetables in all your family’s meals and snacks, and “eating the rainbow” by choosing a variety of colourful options. Loaded with phytonutrients, fruits and vegetables can also contribute to the protein your body needs, making them nutritional MVPs in your daily diet.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends children ages two to 18 consume four to eight servings a day of fruit and vegetables (depending on age and gender). Unfortunately, as many parents know, getting notoriously finicky kids to eat even one serving—let alone four to eight!—can be difficult. And when life is hectic, parents sometimes have to choose between “healthy” and “convenient.”

Not anymore.

Meet Evive! Combining ease and simplicity with wholesome, nutritious ingredients, Evive’s smoothie and meal cubes are not only super-fast and super-delicious, they’re super-healthy and super-convenient products that make healthy hassle-free meals and snacks a breeze. You don’t need to measure out ingredients, there are no complicated instructions to follow and no time-consuming prep work—you don’t even need a blender! Just thaw the cubes, add your liquid of choice, and shake or stir. It’s that easy!

Even easier: order online to have Evive products delivered right to your door, and get 30% off your first order by using the code TODAYSPARENT30

Evive cubes are vegan, and contain no added sugar, no artificial flavours, and no preservatives. Plus, their fantastically vibrant colours make them instantly appealing to kids, who’ll be drawn to exceptionally eye-catching “treats” that parents know also contain an amazing assortment of high-quality ingredients.

Whether it’s serving up an energizing breakfast to set your kids up for success at school, or finding a healthy meal to help them refuel when they get home, Evive smoothie and meal cubes pack flavour, fun and phytonutrients in every sip or spoonful.

Here are five must-try Evive faves:

Boasting 18g of protein per smoothie wheel, this purple powerhouse is loaded with blueberries, banana and haskap, an antioxidant-rich, body- and brain-boosting “superberry” that tastes a bit like the love child of a blueberry and a raspberry.

Is it a soup? A sauce? It’s both! Serve it in a bowl or poured over pasta for a warm, comforting dinner. With ingredients such as butternut squash, carrots, cashews and nutritional yeast (for cheesy flavour), it’s also an excellent source of vitamins A and B12.

What kid wouldn’t want to dive into this tropical-tasting candy-coloured smoothie? Its stunning hue comes from immune-boosting blue spirulina, which is paired with ingredients such as banana, pineapple, coconut cream, cauliflower and mineral-rich baobab.

Hearty and healthy with a kick of jalapeño heat, this plant-based chili’s black beans, quinoa, corn and carrot deliver 8g of protein per wheel. Serve it on its own or on top of rice (or more quinoa!) for a perfect after-school meal.

A hot-pink vitamin-C dynamo, this sweet smoothie tastes even better than it looks. Strawberries, banana and dragonfruit combine with chia and hemp seeds for an immune-boosting antioxidant-rich breakfast or snack.

To explore the full line of Evive products, and to get 30% off your first order by using promo code TODAYSPARENT30, visit Evive Nutrition!

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