Lewdle, anyone? 9 games like Wordle that are just as fun

There’s a French Wordle, a dirty Wordle and even an option for the Swifties!

Ah, Wordle. The digital brain game that unexpectedly entered our lives and pulled us all into its daily clutches. If you’re like us and find yourself desperately wanting more, here are eight Wordle-inspired games to satisfy your brain the same way those beautiful green tiles do.

1. Nerdle

If you’re more of a numbers person than a word person, this is the game for you! It is basically Wordle in a numeric format; each of the eight tiles represents a mathematical calculation and you have six tries to guess it. If you love solving tricky equations, try out Nerdle.

2. Taylordle

Calling all Swifties! We didn’t see this coming in our wildest dreams, but you can now play the Taylor Swift version of Wordle. Guess Swift-related topics like song titles and pop culture references, something we’re sure you know all too well. If you’re a Taylor Swift lover, check out Taylordle.

3. Lewdle

Ever been tempted to waste a turn on Wordle by giggling like a 12-year-old boy and typing a dirty word? Right, us neither… While Lewdle is the inappropriate version of Wordle we never knew we wanted, it provides the ab-straining laugh we could all use. Maybe just keep this one away from the little ones!

4. Airportle

YYZ, YUL, YHZ, oh my! Test your ability to remember those long-forgotten three-digit airport codes from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The game gives you six tries and was created by Scott’s Cheap Flights, a travel website. Reminisce on those early-morning airport trips with Airportle.

5. A Greener Worldle

Put your environmental knowledge to the test with A Greener Wordle. This game focuses on five-letter words that are related to the environment.

6. Le Mot

Voulez-vous jouer au Wordle en Français? This French edition of Wordle, called Le Mot, is a great way to put your French vocab to the test. If you’re extra lucky and bilingual, this second version gives you the chance to play two games of traditional Wordle in one day!


Whether your brain resembles a bird encyclopedia or you’re whipping out your binoculars for the first time, try out this thought-provoking game! This “birdification” of Wordle makes you guess a bird banding code (A.K.A. the four-letter nicknames for birds) within four tiles. If you’re a bird lover, take a look at BRDL.

8. Gordle

Put your knowledge of hockey players to the test with Gordle, a fun game where you guess five-letter last names of NHL players. The game’s answers could be any hockey player, either from the past or present.

9. Create your own Wordle

If you want to stick to the classic game but still can’t get enough, you can create your own custom Wordle! Switch from player to creator and develop your own game that you can share with family and friends. Let out your creative side with Custom Wordle!

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