Here’s how to be a good person according to 6-year-olds

As weird as some of these suggestions are, we kind of… get it?

One of the things parents quickly learn when they have kids is that these little beings are full of emotions—among them, joy, wonder, empathy, curiosity and some of the most, um, radical honesty out there. This lack of a filter definitely makes for some seriously entertaining (and often surprising!) insights.

Knowing all of this full well, British teacher George Pointon is beloved on Twitter for regularly sharing his students’ insights, most recently asking his six-year-old pupils: “How can you tell if someone is a good person?” And, yup, he definitely got the weird, cute and everything-in-between answers we were hoping for.

If you’re in need of some reassurance that your kid isn’t the only one blurting out the most random thoughts imaginable, here are some of funny things that these children think make a good person (plus George’s hilarious thoughts on each response).

The kid who is easily swayed by sugar.

Pull this one out next time your kids don’t want to pick up their toys.

You know what… true.

Some 6-year-olds are wise beyond their years.

And others are just realists.

You heard it here first, folks. If you want to be a good person, time to grow that beard.

The queen of loyalty.

And finally, this sweet kid who makes a great—if not anxiety inducing—point.

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