Easy Magic Potions for Kids

Russo is a mom of two young boys who works for Global Health Visions, a woman-owned consulting company focused on global health and development. She visited BusyToddler specifically because the ideas often involve items she already has at home.

“Potion making, as we call it in our house, is one of my son’s favorites!” Russon says. She used two muffin tins (one for each child) and let them scoop baking soda into each muffin cup.

She then let the kids drop various food coloring into each cup with the baking soda.

Next, they filled two separate bowls with vinegar and grabbed some spoons and medicine syringes for the boys to use. The fizz when the vinegar meets the baking soda creates a colorful potion that never fails to excite and entertain.

They spent an hour mixing new colors and adding vinegar to their creations. “A total win in my book!” she says.

To make your own magic potion all you need is:

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