Best Lactation Cookies to Increase Milk 2023

Boobie Bar Superfood Lactation Bars

Best lactation cookies (Boobie Bar Superfood Lactation Bars) Merchant

These cookie bars include a range of superfood ingredients including moringa, turmeric and shatavari root, which has been shown to help balance hormones in women. They also include flax seeds, oats, cinnamon and coconut oil.

The people behind Boobie Bar suggest eating one bar a day. You and your baby should expect to see an increase in your supply within five days. We love how easy they are to throw in a diaper bag or purse and take on the go. And yes—they really do taste good.


When is it best to eat lactation cookies?

The best time to eat lactation cookies is an hour or two before feeding your baby or pumping, but they can really be eaten any time and many moms love grabbing these as a quick and easy breakfast or a post-breastfeeding snack when they feel ravenous. No matter when you eat them, you’re ingesting ingredients that will help your supply.

How long does it take for lactation cookies to increase breast milk supply?

Brewer’s yeast—a galactagogue ingredient in most lactation cookies—is said to take 24 hours to take effect but you will see the best results after about five days.

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