Best Baby Hair Brush 2023

Baby bath time is the sweetest bonding time for new parents and the best baby hair brush is a gifting favorite! You’ll find it on every newborn checklist as it is just one of those necessities everyone has to have. You are absolutely going to need this adorable, affordable grooming staple with a 4.8-star average rating when you’re setting up your Amazon registry (which is free, by the way!).

This affordable must-have hair brush for babies comes in two vivid colors and has been rated over 19,000 times because it’s that good. And don’t forget to claim your free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box.

What is the Safety 1st baby hair brush?

This brush-comb-set offers a variety of teeth and bristles perfect for a baby’s sensitive scalp.  Whether your little one has just a tiny tuft or a whole toupee, you are covered! And at only about $12 for the duo, the price can’t be beaten.

It’s soft enough for the most delicate baby hairs, but strong enough to help slough away scaly cradle cap. A chunky, ergonomic handle offers a solid hold—even in soapy baths. As babies get older, it’s the perfect size for them to practice their grip and personal hygiene in front of a mirror. 

The combo of both a soft-bristled brush and a baby-specific comb at a wildly affordable price makes it a must-have on all baby registries. Over 19,000 Amazon ratings prove just how loved and useful it is.

How to use a baby hair brush

The Safety 1st hair brush can be used wet or dry, so you can teach baby about self-care from day one. If this baby hair brush set being used to loosen newborn cradle cap scales, it’s ideal to pre-moisten the scalp with bath water or a little coconut oil. Then, softly brush through and remove scaling and debris. It’s one of our favorite bathtime tips.

Alternatively, if you’re using the regular brush on a clean, dry scalp, just softly brush baby’s hair in a single direction with the gentle bristles. The smooth bristles feel tingly and brushing is the perfect sensory activity for newborns. It’s great for baby’s scalp. but also ideal for an older child’s hair if they have a particularly sensitive scalp or fine tresses.

The best baby hair brush reviews

Donna, a verified reviewer writes “I’m a nanny and the little one has extremely curly hair. This brush works perfectly. Good, strong product!” 

“My grandson, who never stops crawling around at high speed, was mesmerized by having his hair brushed with this soft, pliable brush,” says Grace P. “I had to buy a second brush and comb set for his mom and dad to take home.”

Where to buy the Safety 1st baby hair brush

You can find the Safety 1st easy grip brush and comb set on Amazon where it retails for less than $12 (and is often on sale for far less). It ships free to the US and Canada for Prime members. Not a Prime member yet? No worries—here’s a free 30-day trial for you to use.

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