Baby Gets ‘Dumb’ Country Name, Internet Erupts

Hell-Naw? People Say She Gave Her Baby A 'Dumb' Country Name

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In yet another case of everyone on the internet telling each other what to do (or not), a parent shared their baby’s name on social media just to be completely roasted for it. It’s hardly an expected moniker like a baby name that means miracle or one of the most popular baby names inspired by flowers.

On Reddit, a user of the platform (@all1sonn) shared a seemingly controversial baby name to the forum and was almost instantly flooded with negative responses.

“What in tarnation?” they asked, completely shocked by the chosen name.

Their post included a screen grab of an Instagram Story that revealed the country-inspired moniker that gives bigger Dutton Ranch vibes than anyone might’ve ever expected.

“His name is howdy! And [he] already has his own emoji,” the proud new parents captioned the pic, adding the cowboy emoji.

They continued, “We also made Howdy merch to wear out of the hospital and to give to visitors ’cause I couldn’t help myself.”

As if the name wasn’t controversial enough (we actually think whatever makes you happy and proud is the best name ever), the couple printed crewneck sweatshirts with the name “Howdy” emblazoned across the chests in a soft salmon color. And yes, there’s an image of a cowboy with a horse. Obviously.

Reddit users flooded the comments section with feelings of shock, horror and downright judgment at the name.

“Could’ve named him Howard or something and still used their cowboy nickname,” one commenter offered, prompting a reply from another Reddit user.

“I feel like Howards are born as old men,” wrote another. “I’ve never met a young Howard.”

What those Reddit users don’t realize, though, is that cowboy-inspired names have been on steadily on the rise since 2017. Names like Ash, Bear, Billie, Denver, Easton and Jackson have all been steadily climbing the top baby name charts.

Another Reddit user shared, “I think this rural, western name trend is pretty endearing, actually. I don’t know if I’d name my own kid ‘Howdy’ but my grandma was Billie Jean and my mom is Darla Sue, so it’s kind of a family affair around here in Texas.”

What do you think? Would you tip your hat to Howdy? He looks precious to us.

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