5 products that stretch your good hair days

If your locks are low on your to-do list (we feel you!), these hair-savers will buy you a few more days between washes.

1. She’s Like the Wind Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

An image of a Voir Haircare white spray bottle with pink and purple swirls in the front.

Photo: Voir Haircare

Multi-taskers are a mom’s best friend. Reach for this two-in-one dry shampoo plus conditioner when you need to add yet another 24 hours to the good hair day you had last week (no judgment). The fine powder plumps up roots and mattifies the greasy bits without leaving residue. It’s packed with 95 percent naturally derived ingredients, including scalp-soothing green tea extract and hydrating kakadu plum, to revive tired hair into soft, bouncy locks. So go ahead, do your best Dirty Dancing strut on the way to stroller fitness. $20, voirhaircare.com

2. Pantene Perfectly Undone Texturizing Sugar Spray

An image of a white Pantene spray bottle with a gold rim at the top.

Photo: Pantene

If beachy waves are high on your “if only I had time” list, this finishing spray will get you there, fast. Strands are coated with non-sticky sugar, vitamins B5 and E, and amino acids, adding texture and shine. It’s easy to use—just spritz onto dry hair and tousle for that piece-y, imperfect perfection. The lovely, light scent is far from overpowering—just enough to mask that not-so-fresh under-slept mom smell. $11, well.ca

3. Grace Eleyae Foldover Warm Slap with Pom

An image of a woman wearing an orange toque with a beige pom on the top.

Photo: Grace Eleyae

Slap is short for satin-lined cap, and this warm version is ideal for strolls with baby during icy Canadian winters. Many Black women protect their hair with satin products, especially at night, but the benefits of doing so can help all hair types (including heat-treated straight and curly hair, braided styles and more). The inner satin layer of this cute beanie, which comes in a few flattering colours, reduces friction and frizz while retaining hydration. $46, graceeleyae.com

4. Love Ur Curls Deep Conditioner and Repair

An image of a black rectangular bottle with the words Love Ur Curls on top.

Photo: Lus Brands

The best way to take care of curly hair is to use products specifically made for it. One thing curls need in order to pop is hydration, and this deep conditioner is packed with ultra-rich shea butter, aloe vera, avocado oil, vitamins and more. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, plus free from all the additives that weigh hair down and leave curls lifeless. Since you need to use it for only five to 15 minutes a week, you can apply to clean, damp hair in the shower—or, if you can swing one, a nice long bath. It’s a small commitment for self-care and healthy hair. $33, lusbrands.com

5. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Voluminizer

An image of a black Denman brush with pink along the sides and on the bristles.

Photo: Revlon

This wildly popular multi-tasking drying brush (it became TikTok famous in 2020) delivers on the hype. Ionic technology plus 1,100 watts of power dry hair faster and leave it smoother, while the ceramic core protects hair from damage. The oval brush shape allows you to create volume right at the roots while leaving the ends soft and smooth. It’s been positively reviewed on all types of hair and for all experience levels. Plus, a nice perk is that it can be used one-handed (a skill all moms master quickly). $71, canadiantire.ca

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