118 Baby Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer, Or Seeker

A wandering soul is a seeker, an explorer of great things, and someone with a thirst for knowledge. A traveler seeks adventures and experiences beyond the realms of their everyday existence. Isn’t that what you would like your child to be—a seeker who won’t settle for the mundane?

When you name your child, you pine for a name that would highlight their personality and maybe a bit of what you think they would grow up to be like. Perhaps it’s a little bit of you that you seek in your child.

Here is a list of 150 baby names that mean traveler, wanderer, or seeker if that’s who you think your baby will become.

Boy Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer, Or Seeker

1. Ace

Ace means ”winner.” The English name represents an adventurous soul who loves to take risks. The short name is powerful and evokes a person with a winning mentality.

2. Arvad

The name is derived from Hebrew and means “exile” or “voyager.” Arvad is also the only inhabited island in Syria in the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Abir

A famous Egyptian, Indian, and Jordanian name with Hebrew roots, it means to fly or soar.

4. Ahascharah

This unique Sanskrit name has a beautiful Vedic ring to it. Ahascharah means “the day wanderer.”

5. Ahim

This is a Hindi-origin name with various meanings, including water, cloud, and traveler.

6. Aniveshak

This Indian name means “one who finds” or “seeker.” It has been associated with many celebrities and rulers over the ages.

7. Brandan, Brendan, Brendon

An Anglicized version of the Irish name Breandán, this name means “Prince.” The name was popularized by Saint Brendan, who is also called “the Navigator,” “the Voyager,” “the Anchorite,” and “the Bold.”

8. Bahis

Bahis is a Quranic male name meaning seeker, learner, researcher, or explorer.

9. Charaka

A roaming soul is referred to as a Charaka. The word is of Indian origin and means “vagabond” or “traveler.”

10. Christopher

It is a Greek-origin word meaning “Christ-bearer.” St Christopher is the patron saint of all travelers.

11. Cliff

This English name resonates with a climber or a traveler in search of heights, with eyes set on the peak of a cliff. Famous personalities with this name include the singer Cliff Richards and American actor Cliff Robertson.

12. Csaba

The name Csaba finds its origins in Hungarian mythology. It refers to a shepherd, one who wanders with his cattle.

13. Dolen

This is a Dutch name meaning “wanderer.”

14. Doran

This is a unisex name of Irish and Gaelic origin and means wanderer or pilgrim.

15. Dwade

It is believed that this English name is an amalgamation of two names, namely Dwayne and Wade. Dwade means the “dark traveler.” Some say the name may have originated in the US.

16. Emin

Emin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest explorers in German history. Although the literal meaning of the word is “trustworthy,” Emin has become synonymous with “wanderer.”

17. Faramund

It is an Old German name meaning protector of travelers. “Fara” means “journey” or “to travel” and “munt” means “to protect.”

18. Faron

Although a popular name in England, this Old German name comes from “fardi,” meaning “journey” and “nanthi,” meaning “venture.” Three famous Holy Roman emperors and several Spanish and Italian kings have borne this name.

19. Farren

The unisex English name is a diminutive form of Ferdinand and means “journey ready.”

20. Faer

This old English name refers to a traveler, preacher, or messenger bringing the good news.

21. Ferdinand

This has been given to many powerful leaders through the ages. This name of German origin means “bold traveler” or “voyager.”

22. Gypsy

Also used as a common noun, this word refers to people who are constant wanderers. Gypsies do not live in one place for long, and this English name brings to mind the personality of a traveler, a roamer.

23. Igashu

This Native American name means “one who wanders or seeks.”

24. Jagatbehari

The name Jagatbehari means “world traveler.” The word is of Indian origin and is a masculine name. Hindus usually use this name.

25. Jal

As an English name, Jal has a unique ring to it. It refers to one who is a “wandering spirit” or a “traveler.”

26. Jahanjuy

This Parsi name means “seeker of the world.”

27. Jett

It is derived from the English word “jet,” which literally means power and speed. It denotes movement, travel and adventure.

28. Jeffrey / Geoffrey

This English name has many meanings, one of which is “traveler.” The name has many variants and short forms, such as Jeff and Geoff. Many notable people have this popular name, including Jeff Bridges and Jeff Bezos.

29. Kevalin

Meaning “Seeker of the Absolute,” Kevalin is a Sanskrit name of Indian origin.

30. Kymani

Kymani is a name of East African Origin. Bob Marley chose this name for one of his sons, as it meant “adventurous traveler,” and Marley himself was a seeker.

31. Lokachari

This Sanskrit name means “wanderer of the Earth.” People with this name are known to be seekers of religion, spirituality, and wisdom.

32. Mshai

This Egyptian male name means “traveler.” Some similar-sounding names are Masha, Misha, Meshia, Moishe, Moosha, and Moshe.

33. Naikasanucharah

This unique Sanskrit name for boys means “wanderer over the peaks.”

34. Nerio

The name Nerio is a popular unisex first name in Italy and the US. It is of Latin and Greek origin and means “sea traveler.”

35. Nestor

Nestor finds its origin in Greek Mythology. Nestor, the son of Neleus, the King of Pylos and Chloris, was a wise voyager. The word literally means “one who returns from travels.”

36. Noah

Noah was a famous Biblical traveler who built a giant ark to save the animals from disaster. This Hebrew name means “wanderer.”

37. Pathik

This Indian name is common amongst Jains and Hindus and refers to one who is a “traveler.”

38. Pathin

A derivative of Pathik, this Indian name also means “traveler.”

39. Pippin

Pippin was the name of a hobbit in the 1954 original version of The Lord of the Rings. It is a nickname for Peregrin, which means “pilgrim” or “traveler.”

40. Peregrine

Derived from the Latin word Peregrinus, this name means “one from abroad,” “a traveler,” “foreigner,” or “pilgrim.”

41. Perri

This English name means “wanderer.” It could be a derivation from the longer name Peregrine or a name in itself.

42. Polo

A beautiful male name, it means “brave wanderer” and finds its origin in Tibet.

43. Raahi

A name of Indian origin, Raahi refers to a “traveler.” ‘Raah’ means “path,” and Raahi means “one traveling on a path.”

44. Raaheel

A name of Indian origin, Raaheel is a masculine name that means “traveler.” This name is commonly used by Hindus and Muslims.

45. Ravid

A wanderer by nature, Ravid is a Hebrew name given to a boy child. It is associated with a big brother who takes pride in taking care of their younger siblings. Ravid is also the name of a famous mountain in Israel.

46. Romer

Romer is a German name. It refers to “one who roams or has wandering roots.” It’s also another word for “pilgrim.”

47. Rover

This name is commonly used for pets but is also used to refer to adventurous children. The English term means “wanderer or traveler.”

48. Satyesu

Meaning “the seeker of truth,” this Indian name resonates with people who are open-minded and fearless. People with this name are excited to explore and often have a gypsy-like personality. They seek adventure and freedom.

49. Scott

The term Scott is of Gaelic origin. The English call people from Scotland as Scotts, but in Scotland, this boy-name means “wanderer.”

50. Sekgolokhane

Sekgolokhane is a Basotho name. Te unique name means a “wanderer” and is commonly used within the community itself.

51. Stian

This male name originated from Norway and is derived from the Old Norse name “Stigandr,” which means “wanderer.” Another translation of the word is “swift on his feet.”

52. Stig

This name is also another modern derivation of the Old Norse name “Stigandr.” Stig is also a Scandinavian name meaning “one who wanders.”

53. Sutap

This Indian name means “seeker of God.”

54. Somerled

This is the Anglicized version of the Old Norse or Scottish name Sumarliði. It means a “summer traveler.”

55. Sumarlidr

This Norwegian name of Old Norse origin means “summer traveler.” It is a strong, masculine name.

56. Talib

it is a direct Quranic name that means “one who seeks knowledge” or a “seeker. The word also means “student.”

57. Taalib

This Muslim name with Arabic origins means “the seeker of truth.” The name gained popularity after Talib Shabib, a famous Iraqi politician, shot to fame with his planned coup against President Abdul Karim Qassim.

58. Tarka

Tarka was the name of the (male) otter protagonist of Henry Williamson’s 1927 novel Tarka the Otter. The word literally means “wandering like water.”

59. Trent

Trent means trespasser or traveler. This male name is of English origin. The name is usually found amongst Christians.

60. Tripp

Quite like the word “trip,” this English name also means “journey.” In old English, the name also referred to a dancer.

61. Ulysses

This famous wanderer in Homer’s Greek epic poem Odyssey was an angry and wrathful soul. Ulysses is the Latinized version of Odysseus, the protagonist of the poem.

62. Vettel

This masculine name of Norwegian origin literally means “winter traveler.”

63. Vipinbehari

This Indian name means “Forest wanderer.” This name is used in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Oriya, Telugu, and almost all Indian Hindu languages and communities.

64. Wayman

Wayman is an English name. It means wanderer or traveler. Some famous personalities with this name are Wayman Britt, a retired American basketball player, Charlie Wayman, an English footballer, and Wayman Crow, one of the founders of the Washington University.

65. Wendel

Wendel was a popular name in the 1940s. The Dutch- and German-origin name means “wanderer” or “someone who wanders.”

66. Wilder

This is usually a surname or family name, but some people like to use it as a first name. The English word means “wanderer.” Another meaning of the name is “of the forest.”

67. Zulan

The name Zulan is of Zulu origin and means “wanderer.”

Girl Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer, Or Seeker

68. Alissa

Alissa is a variant of the Phoenician name “Elishat,” which means “wanderer.” The name has many popular variants, including Alisa and Alice.

69. Ahima

Ahima is the female version of the Hindu male name “Ahim,” meaning “traveler” or “cloud.”

70. Alma

With Latin roots, this popular Celtic name was popular in the US in the mid-1900s. It has several meanings, one of which is “an independent spirit.”

71. Asra

Asra is a Muslim girl name with multiple meanings. The Arabic name means “to travel at night.”

72. Barbara

The Greek word “barbaros” means “a traveler from a foreign land.” This English name has been derived from “Barbaros” and Anglicized to “Barbara.” Notable women with this name include singer Barbara Streisand and first lady Barbara Bush.

73. Beatrice

The name Beatrice finds its origins in Hungary, Dutch, England, Germany, and Rome. It is derived from the Latin word “Viatrix” meaning “a voyager” or “traveler” and is lovingly shortened to “Bea.” The name was ranked the 573rd most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2018.

74. Brahmacharini

This Indian name means a “seeker of Brahman.”

75. Brooke

This English word means a “small stream.” Name your little girl Brooke if you want her to be free-spirited like a stream. It is a great name for someone who seeks adventure and carves their own path.

76. Bice

A derivation of Beatrice, the Italian girl’s name means “traveler” or “voyager.”

77. Deedra

This American name means “sorrowful wanderer.”

78. Doran

This name finds its roots in Gaelic. It is derived from “O Deorian” and means “pilgrim” or “wanderer.”

79. Diadra/ Deidre

A variation of Deedra, this American name also means “sorrowful wanderer.” Deidre, derived from Deirdre, was a tragic heroine in Irish mythology.

80. Elissa

In Greek mythology, Elissa was another name for Dido, the Queen of Carthage. This name denotes a “wanderer.” It is often used as a short form of Elizabeth.

81. Fara

Fara is an Old High German name meaning “traveler.” The Middle Eastern version of the name spells Farah and means joy.

82. Fernanda

This name is a variation of the popular name Ferdinand. Fernanda means “a wandering spirit” and finds its roots in Italian, Spanisf, and Portuguese

83. Firiba

This Indian name means “traveler” or “wanderer.”

84. Forest

The famous Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump popularized this name. The character in the movie was a seeker who wandered into many adventures. The Old English name literally means “dweller of the woods” and can be interpreted as a saint or seeker of spirituality.

85. Gitana

This romantic Spanish name means “wanderer” or “gypsy.”

86. Gypsy

Gypsies are known to be wanderers. They have no permanent place of residence. The name Gypsy finds its origins in the wilderness of England and represents a “Bohemian traveler.”

87. Haimi

The Hawaiian name Haimi means “the seeker.” Haimi is also another name for Goddess Parvati in the Hindu religion.

88. Igashu

Igashu is a Native American name for a “seeker” or “wandering spirit.” People with this name are seekers of truth and spirituality.

89. Isra

Isra represents a “nocturnal journey.” This name is of Arabic origin and literally means “to travel at night.”

90. Journey

Journey is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It implies she is a voyager, a seeker, a traveler, and a wanderer.

91. Kaimi

This Hawaiin name for girls means “seeker.” Kaimi is also used as a Polish name.

92. Lawanda

Lawanda is an American name for girls, and it means “little wanderer.” This name can also be found in Germany and a few English-speaking countries.

93. Margana

This Sanskrit name for girls means “seeker of truth.”

94. Marlowe

This name of English origin evokes a sense of wandering. The word literally means “driftwood” and represents a drifter.

95. Mamga

The name Mamga finds its roots in the Swahili language. It means “wanderer.”

96. Mareesha

A name of Hindu origin, Mareesha is a name for a female child. It means “traveler.”

97. Margi

This feminine name of Indian origin means “traveler.” This name is commonly used amongst Hindus, Jains, and Christians.

98. Nahomtima

Nahomtima is a Chowtaw tribe name given to a girl child. It means “seeker” or “giver.”

99. Njeri

Nijeri is a tribal name from Kikuyu land in Kenya. The name represents one who loves to visit or travel.

100. Nocona

This Native American name has an adventurous ring to it. Nocona means “wanderer” or “camper.” It is an apt name for a girl who loves the outdoors.

101. Peregrina

This name of Latin origin means a “traveler” or “pilgrim.” The name can be used for boys and girls.

102. Perry

It is a derivative of the Latin name Peregrina. Perry means “traveler.”

103. Pleeha

An Indian name for a female child, Pleeha means a “wanderer.”

104. Qaza

This is a common Zulu name for females. It means a person who is a “seeker.”

105. Reo

Reo is a Japanese name. Although it literally means “at the summit of the mountain,” it refers to the one who seeks and travels to the summit.

106. River

A river is a “stream of water that flows to the sea.” This English name represents someone who is on an ultimate journey.

107. Saira

This Arabic name is derived from its popular version “Sarah,” which means “traveler.” This name is common worldwide.

108. Serik

This feminine name of Kazakh origin means “supporter” or “traveler.”

109. Sojourner

This name means a “traveler.” It was popularised by Sojourner Truth, the African American women’s rights activist.

110. Somerild

This Scandinavian name is popular in England as a girl’s name. It means a “summer traveler.”

111. Sutapa

This name finds its roots in Orissa, India. It means “Seeker of God.” A famous person with this name is Sutapa Basu, the Indian author of the best-selling book Padmavati.

112. Talibah

This is a Quranic name for girls. It means a “seeker of knowledge” or “pursuer.” It also means “student.”

113. Traviata

This Italian female name means “astray” or “wanderer.”

114. Vanda

A derivative of Wanda, Vanda means ‘wanderer.’ The name has its origins in Germany and Spain.

115. Wanda

This Polish name was made famous after the 1980s movie A Fish Called Wanda. The name means “wanderer.” It was the 47th most popular girl’s name in the United States in 1934.

116. Wande/Wandie/Wandy

These are variations of the name “Wanda,” and refers to a”‘wanderer.”

117. Yayati

This is a female name of Indian origin. Yayati is a name usually given to a Hindu child. It means “wanderer” or “traveler.”

118. Zita

This Spanish name means “the seeker.” One may find its origin in the Italian word Zita, meaning “young girl” or as a pet name for the Hungarian name Felicita. In Greek, the word means “the hunter.” A hunter is also a seeker.

Finding names for your baby is exciting, and you would want to find a name that is just right. It should stand out, and yet should be simple to remember, spell, and pronounce. It should also resonate with your child’s personality. So, as you look forward to your baby exploring the world, pick a name from this list of baby names that mean traveler, wanderer, or seeker.

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